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medford clone

Medford clone

My Praetorian just arrived – it was opened up and passed by Australian Customs and Border Protection.

One question, are all their knives from the store clones?
I suppose by now you’ve found out that G10, Kirinite, Carbon fibre and Micarta are expensive. I got a real shock when I started ordering supplies. I can get brilliant quality Australian wood knife scales delivered for less than half the price of G10.
JBS upplies I have tried and GPS Agencies. The other two look good but I haven’t ordered from them yet.

and yep,…she can get hair poppin sharp. Time will tell how well it holds an edge.
Well she arrived today..and this baby is everything I hoped it would be and more.
And never drop it on your foot, open or closed. :bigsmile:
Here is a video of one that TuffThumbz did for me with some custom scales..about 8.5 minutes in…probably my favorite carry.
USA Knifemaker is a good source of parts like phosphor bronze washers but they cane you on the postage as do all U.S.A. suppliers.
Knife Kits 1 skull lanyard bead $2.95 Shipping via USPS $16.40, about average.

OMG that thing looks wicked. Any links for a convenient place to get it? Search Main Menu User login Related Sites You are here Medford Praetorian Clone. Pages Whoo buddy,…it’s here…the China Praetorian through