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mask to smoke weed

Mask to smoke weed
But even then, it’s a bit clumsy since you have to unstrap the mask, detach the bong, and then do it all over again every time you pass it to someone else. Outside the context of looking for a novelty or a gimmicky way to smoke weed, the gas mask bong is probably not all that useful.
That’s because, for the most part, you’re just forcing your face into a swirling bowl of more or less inert smoke. It’s true that your first inhale of smoke directly out of the bong will be full of THC, but once you exhale back out into the gas mask, there’s no reason to keep breathing it in. Unfortunately, that’s mostly what your bong gas mask will be full of after your first good hit.
If you’re interested in buying a gas mask bong, you can usually pick them at any head shop, and, depending on where you live, even a decent number of corner stores. They’ve also become a staple at a variety of street, art, or music festivals, or other similar places where vendors sell random stuff. In general, expect to pay around $40-$75.
This introduces some potential drawbacks. For one, it kind of takes away from the idea that using a gas mask bong will get you super high. It’ll get you as high as any other bong.
If you’re wondering how to use a gas mask bong, don’t worry, it’s not too different from hitting a regular bong.
If you’re really intent on finding ways to get super high, stick with dabs. Concentrates will get you higher in a quicker time than flower, and they accomplish it without sacrificing taste or smell. In fact, dabs tend to taste and smell even better than bud.
Well, it depends. Gas mask bongs are more gimmicky than anything else. Despite what it might look like, they’re actually not a very efficient or effective way to get high.
At the end of the day, a gas mask bong might make a good addition to your paraphernalia collection—if it fits your personal style. But for a lot of weed smokers, it’s just not the right aesthetic or vibe.
The standard design of a gas mask bong is also pretty straightforward. It’s basically a simple gas mask that attaches to the end of a bong. The bong portion is detachable. This allows you to fill and empty the water and makes it easier to clean your bong and pack your bowl.
Curious about the gas mask bong? Here's everything you need to know about this device, and most importantly, how to use it.