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martian mean green

Martian mean green

With this one, the characteristics of both parents, and the mixture of Sativa and Indica genetics were just right. D ‘n’ A reached the goal of their grow experiments with type C. They created a plant whose growth and looks resembled an Indica, and whose psychoactive fruits are more usually found in a strong, consciousness altering high of a Haze/Sativa. ´Type C grew like the mother plant, Sharksbreath, short and powerful. The smell of the plant knocked us over. Something so special…unlike what we had ever created before, let alone smoked!´, said Don.

Don and Aaron are currently working on further crosses with the same G-13 father plant that provided the basis for the MMG. Sour Cream, C13, Super Cannalope and Connie Chung are some of the varieties that DNA Genetics will bring on the market in the near future.
For the ‘little green’, Don and Aaron took as basis a female Sharskbreath and a G-13/Haze male from Soma.

DNA aims for the psychedelic effect of the Haze/Sativa line in their new varieties. The Indicas and their body-stone have ruled the market for years, but now the crosses with a high percentage of Haze are experiencing a revival. Especially for US-growers in exile, like the growers for DNA Genetics and TH Seeds, the genetic characteristics of haze play an important role in the creation of new hemp varieties.
Soma is another grower and seed breeder who left the USA for Holland in order to dedicate his time to his passion for growing Cannabis. His varieties, such as NYC Diesel, Somango and Buddha’s Sister, enjoy a good reputation with growers who live in the USA.
Type A most prominently developed the characteristics of the Haze ancestors. The result was a plant with a very good smell and a balanced taste, but with a flowering time of more than 13 weeks. That was far too long for D ‘n’ A’s goal. With type B, the flowering time was brought back to 10-11 weeks. The fully grown plant was a typical sativa: just like before, long and thin. The taste and smell were ok, but didn’t quite convince both growers. The phenotype that promised the most, and from which DNA’s little green man was going to be developed, was type C.
Don and Aaron (D ‘n’ A) landed together in 2004 in Holland, one of the few countries on planet Earth where you are allowed (to some extent) to grow cannabis. Although both men are only in their early 30s, they already have many years of experience as growers of new and exclusive weed varieties. Don and Aaron are growers with a passion, crossing very diverse genetic lines with one another, always looking for truly new characteristics. DNA Genetics is a young seed bank that enriches today’s market with its own cannabis inventions, instead of presenting tried and true classics from other growers with a new label. In this issue the Variety Portrait features ‘Martian Mean Green’, DNA’s small green men from planet Delta-9 THC, with which DNA Genetics won the Cannabis Cup in the Sativa category.
The Martian Mean Green grows like an Indica, but develops more side branches than normal plants. The flowers that this variety forms are a perfect Indica/Sativa mix. The buds of MMG are tight and compact, and bring some weight to the scales. The sativa-part ensures an open structure that allows the necessary air circulation and that prevents the build-up of mould in the ripening flowers.

With the Martian Mean Green, D ‘n A are closer to their goal of offering a new plethora of varieties to the Cannabis culture, and of breaking the monopoly of the standard genetic crosses.

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