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marijuana tricks

Marijuana tricks

What makes a great cannabis soil?

Underwatering cannabis is less of a problem. Should a plant temporarily droop from being thirsty, it will usually recover within hours once watered.
Trichomes milky white: Reaching maximum THC production, still 1–2 weeks from harvest

The environment where you’re growing is another important factor when choosing cannabis genetics. If you’re growing in a small indoor space, an autoflowering variety can be optimal. Or maybe you’re planning an outdoor grow and want to grow a gigantic cannabis tree. Other factors, such as climate, will also play a role when choosing genetics.
Drying your buds: After harvesting and trimming, hang your buds in a dark room with good air circulation and a relative humidity of about 45–55%. You want to dry your bud SLOW for best results, which will take anywhere from 7–12 days. Some growers trim after drying, which prolongs drying time but may result in a better taste.
Truth is, while growing weed successfully isn’t necessarily difficult, it is a learning process, and mistakes can, and will, be made. To help you with your grow right from the start, and so you can look forward to a great harvest, here are the answers to 10 frequently asked questions about growing weed.
If you’re getting soil from a store, chances are it’s already pre-fertilised: These nutrients normally last 3–4 weeks, which is also the average duration of the vegetative phase. Spoken differently, with good soil, you will likely not need to give nutrients until the flowering phase begins.
Many growers harvest when a small portion (10–20%) of the trichomes have turned amber. At this point, some of the THC in the buds has already started to degrade. This produces a more relaxing high as compared to when all the trichomes are white, which makes for a more heady, psychoactive effect.

But don’t go overboard. Set the fan so it blows a gentle breeze without overly stressing or damaging your plants. An oscillating fan is best.

Have a question or two about growing cannabis that you need to sort out? Click here for answers to your frequently asked questions, and tips from pro growers.

Marijuana tricks

Use a humidipack and you are set for life with fresh, tasty weed

When your stash gets low, turn to your high potency THC saturated kief.

A coin that can cover the bowl will stop the flow of oxygen and stop your weed from burning. A budget friendly trick, especially when getting to the end of your stash!

Some say it holds the THC intact better than a grinder, thus getting you more stoned.
This can come in handy for those times you are without a smoke piece.
Check out this “Faux” Asthma inhale called the puffit2. Looks like a different kind of medicine completely but you and I both know what is really in it.
Weed hacks are a vital part of the stoner culture. From growing weed in tents to proper weed smoking etiquette, we are here to show you how it’s done. Knowing how to navigate this complicated world can help you sit proudly during any smoke session. The trick is understanding how to make your weed smoking experience as easy and as comfortable as possible before becoming way to “high”. Always being ready for those times with things don’t add up. Weed hacks help to facilitate a better stoner experience.
Drink a cup of coffee, take a bong hit and wake up an hour later. You will feel high and ready to roll.

Never lose your fire again!

49 Weed Hacks That Help With Your Stoner Lifestyle Weed hacks are a vital part of the stoner culture. From growing weed in tents to proper weed smoking etiquette, we are here to show you how it’s