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marijuana stems tea

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2-3 tablespoons of your fave alcohol, or ½ cup of whole fat milk/creamer/coconut milk, or ½ tablespoon of butter/oil)
– Any flavorings (i.e. another tea you enjoy)

Stop throwing away your stems and start brewing ‘em instead! Here’s how to make some delectable THC-infused tea.
Doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold, winter or summer, the process of pouring water over leaves to make a cozy beverage is nigh universal. So, stop throwing out those stems and start brewing ‘em instead! Here’s how.
– Stems, ground or broken by hand (
So, real quick: Why do you need a binding agent? Do you need one? Cannabinoids readily bind with fat molecules, which is why edibles are usually made with weed infused oil or butter. There seems to be conflicting views on the necessity of a binding agent in tea: some say alcohol is the best; others warn adding milk will decrease the potency. We say give both a shot and let us know, because we are nothing if not high-caliber investigative journalists.
What Do You Need?

– Filter (coffee filters work fine, but maybe you’re fancy and have tons of cheese cloths on hand. Maybe you’re super fancy and only have paper towels. Any will work.)

Stop throwing away your stems and start brewing ‘em instead! Here’s how to make some delectable THC-infused tea.

  • ½ or ¼ marijuana stems
  • 3 cups of purified water
  • Coffee Filter or Cheese Cloth or Paper Towels
  • Flavoring (honey, milk or cinnamon)

But, first things first. We have to exercise extra precaution so we can make sure that you don’t get “too high” from teatime.
With these things considered, you might be wondering what the benefits of weed tea are? After all, you used to throw them anyway. Well, drinking cannabis stem tea will give you a lot of advantages:


  1. Economical. Using your weed until the very last part is very economical. The stems you used to throw now gives you an extra kick and a special relaxing effect. This move is also very resourceful.
  2. Medical Benefits. Weed Stem Tea gives you the same benefits as that of the cannabis plant. It can help ease your anxiety and depression, give you better sleep, relieves body pains, migraines, and asthma. It also provides faster relief compared to other edible cannabis products.
  3. Good Option. Cannabis tea is a good option for those who do not smoke.

Note: You might be wondering what a binding agent is. You have to understand that cannabis stems cannot be brewed without an additional ingredient to bind the THC with water because the THC is not soluble in water. Either of the binding agents above is a source of fat that the THC can bind with.
We’ll guide you through step by step on how to make a cannabis stem tea.
Making cannabis stem tea is resourceful, economical, and offers a lot of health benefits.

Binding Agent:

Have you been throwing your weed stems? Well, the next time you have these stems, you better keep it and make it more useful. In today's article, we help you ma