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marijuana stem rot

Marijuana stem rot

Hydroponics growers must ensure the water in the reservoir is highly oxygenated, not only to ensure optimal nutrient uptake but also because Pythium perishes in a well aerated medium. Aeroponics cultivators are probably grinning and well they should!

Specialist root rot treatment products are available, but virtually all of the effective one’s are definitely in the premium price category. Moreover, and to be perfectly honest, they really only are effective on early diagnosed indoor plants still in vegetative growth.
As a root zone parasite, Pythium can often go undetected by the cannabis grower until it’s spread throughout the garden and planning on staying.

We’ve got good news and bad news when it comes to effectively purging your cannabis garden of Pythium. The good news is Pythium can be treated and eradicated, the bad news is it’s going to cost and it’s always a high a price to pay to defeat an embedded enemy.
Getting your precious little beans off to the perfect start is the first step towards that final lush cannabis harvest. Germination really is an all or nothing affair so we recommend our Royal Queen Seeds Starter Kit, it’s got everything you need to get your grow on including a propagator, rooting medium and of course a choice high quality feminised seeds.
Battling a Pythium plague is a war of attrition and even if you eventually prevail the damage caused by Pythium is permanent so the grow will invariably be delayed to allow time for the cannabis plants to regain their vitality and marijuana yields are certain to be impacted negatively.
As well as looking disgusting, Pythium also has a foul smelling odour similar to mildew. What adds to the confusion with diagnosis of root rot is the above ground symptoms displayed by infected cannabis plants often mirrors numerous other common problems from over fertilisation to light burn and everything in between.
Pythium is the unseen enemy of the root zone of cannabis plants both indoors and outdoors. Don’t allow this nasty fungus to turn the roots of your precious marijuana plants into brown foul smelling sludge. Root rot will plague your ganja no more after reading this guide.

However, simple preventative measures are advisable rather than finding yourself playing botanist come alchemist at 3 am mixing potions of home brewed fungicide to exterminate microbial nasties.

Pythium is a fungus that loves to munch and pollute a cannabis plants root zone. Follow our advice and be prepared to combat root rot in your marijuana crop.

Marijuana stem rot

Notice that you can barely see any signs of the old brown, and all the new roots generally appear white and healthy. The plants on top are lush, healthy, and fast-growing, though the old burnt leaves never recovered.

Therefore, hydro growers want it to be completely pitch black in their DWC reservoirs. You should not be able to see even a tiny bit of light where your roots are!
Your cannabis plant has started drooping, leaves are getting sick, and roots are brown, twisted, smelly and/or slimy. These are all signs you have cannabis root rot ?

Root Rot causes droopiness and other symptoms similar to over or under-watering
Before – Roots Just Got Root Rot
It can be tough to get rid of root rot and many growers feel it’s easier to just scrap the plant and start over. However, if you’re growing in the same spot you’re likely to get it again unless you find a true solution, and there are proven techniques that will cure your plant of root rot problems!
Hydroguard (and their old supplement Aquashield) are also much cheaper than most other similar root treatments, and in my experience more effective.

The Most Common Triggers for Root Rot Are Light Leaks, Heat & Lack of Oxygen in the Water

Discover how to finally beat root rot (brown or slimy roots) for good! The secret to curing and prevention is a supplement with a particular type of bacteria!