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marijuana shake for sale

Muskie08 (verified owner) – April 19, 2019

28 Grams, 84 Grams
Haven’t tried yet but would make A++ edibles.

I’d like to say it is terrible and never buy it so I could always get some but I’ll tell it honestly, it’s just fine and I will buy more.
Best shake I’ve ever tried!! Can’t wait to get more!
Ross1 (verified owner) – July 5, 2019
Nlelonde (verified owner) – July 29, 2019
Thanks for the great review! ?

Great service, great delivery time, and great products! ?

We offer Trim that can be used for many purposes. Many consumers use trim as a method to make inexpensive oils, kief, concentrates and even smoke. Please keep in mind, due to such high demands for trim, the product may be different from the photos.