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marijuana purple stems

Most cannabis growers worry if we see purple stems, stalks, and petioles on our marijuana plants.
One strain had purple stems starting three weeks into grow phase.
Phosphorus and magnesium lockout or deficiencies are at the top of the list.
But… some marijuana strains are genetically programmed to have purple stalks, stems, petioles, and leaves.
Purple stems can also come from nitrogen or potassium deficiencies or lockouts.
You root or foliar feed Epsom salts at a rate of ¼ teaspoon of Epsom salts per gallon root feed or a 130 ppm foliar feed at 5.7 pH.
Inferior hydroponics base nutrients and supplements can create lockout and deficiencies, as can incorrect root zone pH, bad water, overwatering, and overfeeding.
You can discover if the strain you’re growing is genetically programmed to be purple by looking at strain descriptions, photos, and YouTube videos… and by asking the strain’s breeder.
The most common purple problems come from hydroponics nutrients disorders and root zone issues.
Here’s what to do if your marijuana plants have purple stems, stalks, and petioles.