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marijuana growers washington

Marijuana growers washington

Rick Garza, director of the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, spoke this week to the Cannabis Collaborative Conference in Portland, Oregon, and was joined by Steve Marks, executive director of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.

What a crock. MJ should be down to like 1-2$/gr, NOT 10$/gr!
Just grow enough for your self any way. It’s de criminalized. One or 2 plants under one light, take it and replace every 60 days or so, you could get about 6 lbs a year, with about $150 bucks a month extra in electricity cost. Don’t be subjective. Doo it. No cop or anybody else cares, and the electric company loves it.

Marks also said he has seen an infusion of capital into Oregon cannabis companies from investors who believe marijuana will become federally legal.
Marks said he expects more discussion about capping the number of cannabis business licenses in Oregon through legislative action.
A pound of trimm from your friends closet. You did not purchase at a retail store in Washington state. Oregon maybe not in WA.
The move, if approved by regulators, would give smaller growers a financial shot in the arm through increased sales – and could spur other states to follow suit.
You are not going hear complaints from consumers because it is about small business struggling to survive the Malwart M&A’s happening with the Tier 3’s. Consumers only care about 1. the price & 2. the THC%. (look over there while we ruin this here)
There is definitely vertical integration in Washington state. Many of the pot shops are owned by mothers, aunts, friends of conglomerate Tier 3’s. They don’t advertise it, pot growers are the best at keeping secrets. But try selling into those stores and it’s about impossible. Look at the traceability records and see that their inventory only comes from a few certain farms. Vertical integration is alive and thriving in Washington state. gheez!!
The only way a Tier 1 can survive is by selling direct to consumer to avert the capital-American-way-illegal relationships just to be American capitalist.
The WALCB is entirely run like a communist state.

“There’s a lot of competition. There’s a lot of distress. A lot of retail outlets. Low prices,” Marks said.

Washington state might allow small cannabis farmers to sell directly to consumers, similar to what’s allowed for wineries, breweries and distilleries.