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marijuana grow bible

Marijuana grow bible

(And if you’re growing marijuana indoors, check out our guide to the best LED grow lights!)

The next few chapters deal with selecting, germinating, and propagating cannabis seeds. (Some growers prefer to start with seeds, instead of clones, because you’re less likely to contaminate your pristine new grow with any pests or diseases from someone else’s garden.)
Side note: If you are making edibles, we seriously recommend using this kitchen appliance, the LEVO, to decarboxylate your cannabis and infuse it into an oil of your choosing. (We received a free unit to test out, and now deploy it to make THC coconut oil on a monthly basis. It’s awesome.)

In Chapters 6-11, you’ll learn the secrets of successfully growing cannabis indoors (in both soil and hydroponic set-ups), as well as outdoor cultivation.
These early chapters of the Grow Bible also explain the pros and cons of cultivating cannabis indoors vs. outdoors.
(There’s a reason high-end marijuana growers around the world swear by this legendary marijuana grow book!)
But today, the Grow Bible isn’t the only life-changing book out there. Read on to discover the best marijuana grow books available right now.
In Chapter Five, you’ll learn the basics of organic gardening. Growing organically can be particularly important if you use cannabis as medicine.

In the first chapter, you’ll learn enough history and botany to see your grow operation in a larger context. (Many long-time growers say this step is essential to finding meaning in your work.)

The Cannabis Grow Bible is a classic. But other marijuana grow books have a lot to offer, too. Discover the best books on growing weed — and why you need one.