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mango kush plant

Mango kush plant
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Mango Kush is like a machine that slowly gains momentum when grown. In the beginning, it usually grows just like other strains. Then towards the end of the cycle, it vegetative growth accelerates. It is also quite sturdy in that even with its massive buds; support is rarely needed. Trimming is required for it to stay in shape and to retain proper air flow. Though it might sound difficult, novice users may still grow this strain.
Although much of the psychoactive traits of Mango Kush should appeal to recreational users, it also has medical benefits as well.
Primarily, the strain is excellent at crushing stress. It does so with its euphoric buzz that results in happiness. This same mood-enhancing trait is also useful to people with depression and anxiety.
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Mango Kush is the perfect choice for capping the night off. While it begins with a decent cerebral head high, it also brings users to a state of bliss and finally, a restful sleep.
Other adverse effects of the strain include feeling dizzy and having a headache. A few people may also feel a little bit paranoid.
When it comes to adverse reactions, expect the usual dryness of eyes and mouth even if used in moderation. Of course, that goes without saying that anytime someone exceeds personal limits, then there are also other conditions that may occur.
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Mango Kush is an Indica dominant strain that delivers both invigorating cerebral high and body relaxation that is perfect for night time use.