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make homemade pipe

Make homemade pipe

  1. Prepare the bowl. Create a small bowl out of aluminum foil. It should be small enough to fit in the tissue paper roll’s diameter. Poke three small holes at the bottom of the bowl to allow smoke to travel to the main chamber.
  2. Position the bowl. Cut a small hole in the far end tissue paper roll enough to fit the aluminum foil bow.
  3. Secure the bowl. To avoid spilling its contents, use adhesive to keep the bowl in place.
  4. Begin smoking. Sprinkle some dried cannabis herbs onto the bowl and light it up. Smoke through the other end of the tissue paper roll.
  1. Empty the pen. Remove the ink chamber and the closed cap at the end of the pen. Do not throw away the nib (or the cone-shaped tip of the pen) as it will serve as the bowl.
  2. Attach the bowl. Attach the smaller end of the nib to one end of the hollow tube.
  3. Begin smoking. Pack a small amount of cannabis onto the cone. Light the herbs and then inhale from the other end of the pen.
  • Box cutter or scissors
  • Two different sized plastic bottles
  • Aluminum foil

Over the years, and mostly for the sheer fun of it, many ingenious DIY pipes have appeared. Others, meanwhile, have put on new twists on the classics.

  1. Create and fill the bowl. Fashion a bowl using an aluminum foil. Poke three small holes at the bottom to allow airflow. Then, fill it with herbs and set aside.
  2. Make the carb. Poke a small hole at the bottom of the bottle. Make sure that it is big enough to allow water to flow through it but small enough to cover with a finger.
  3. Fill the bottle with water. With a finger covering the carb hole, fill the bottle with water up to just a few centimeters from the top.
  4. Fill with smoke. Attach the bowl over the bottle neck opening. Light the herbs and let go of the carb hole. The negative pressure created by escaping water draws in the smoke.
  5. Begin smoking. One the smoke-filled bottle is empty of water, cover the carb hole again. Remove the bowl and place the mouth over the opening. Let go of the carb hole again and inhale the smoke.
  1. Creating the downstem. Take the metal casing of the marker pen, and cut it in half. Also cut off the closed end of the marker, leaving only the tube.
  2. Poke a hole. Locate the side opposite the opening of the package. Then, at the middle part, poke a hole with a knife or with a screwdriver. Make sure that it is big enough for the downstem but not enough to let smoke seep through.
  3. Join the downstem with the chamber. Insert the hollow tube through the hole at an angle that allows the outside to point upwards. Secure the rest of the hole with adhesive.
  4. Making the Bowl. Form a bowl out of the aluminum foil. Poke three to four small holes at the bottom to allow air to flow. Secure it over the downstem by having excess trimmings “wrap” around the end of the tube.
  5. Create the carb. Fashioning a carb is optional but it does provide for an easy way to breathe in smoke. A hole could be poked the bottom of the pack for this purpose.
  6. Begin Smoking. Fill the bowl with the desired cannabis strain. Place the mouth over the lid of the tic tac pack while covering the carb hole with a finger. Light up the herbs and wait for the packet to fill with smoke. Let go of the carb hole and draw in the smoke.
  • An empty tic tac pack (preferably large)
  • Used marker pen
  • A small knife, scissors, screwdriver (anything that can poke a hole)
  • Aluminum foil


“If there is a will, there is a way.” For as long as there is the desire, or the need to use cannabis, there are limitless ways to fashion a homemade pipe.

Make homemade pipe

Make a small bowl-shaped out tinfoil. Make it flat around the edges so the cardboard cannot get lit on fire while hitting it.

Place mouth over one end of the roll and hand on the other opening. You want to put your mouth on the end furthest from the tin foil bowl and your hand on the opposite end.
Push the bottle into the water-filled basin until it is completely filled with water.

Inhale while lighting the bowl to fill the steamroller with smoke. Take your mouth off and take a deep breath real quickly while the homemade steamroller is filled with smoke.
Poke a hole in the side of a can towards the bottom.
Fill it with herb. Add some of the herb you took out of the cigarette if you are feeling classy.
Light the herb-filled socket as you slowly pull the bottle up from the basin creating the vacuum effect we went over in the waterfall.
This is a great way to smoke using household items that just about anyone will have on hand.

Place the pointed metal piece back in the pen but the reverse way so it is pointing towards the end making a cone bowl shape.

This guide explores 10 easy to make homemade smoking pipes. Some are made of food, others are made from common household items.