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lowryder grow

Lowryder is great for beginners because it is auto-flowering. For auto flowering seeds you can place them under 18 to 20 hours of light a days all throughout their lifespan, and the will still bud. This means they are “non photo-reactive.” They don’t need a 12/12 light cycle to induce flowering.

5) Germination. Your seeds will need to be germinated. Just google “how to germinate marijuana seeds” and you will find plenty of advice on that. Long story short: damp, dark, clean. After the first 36 to 48 hours, go ahead and take a peek every 6 hours or so. They will start to form a tap root and tiny leaves. At this stage the plant can be very carefully planted, leaving the tiny leaves barely above ground. Plant them DIRECTLY in to the container they will spend the rest of their lives in. Auto-flowering seeds HATE to be transplanted.
Two last pieces of advice: DON’T OVER WATER. Just don’t. #1 noobie mistake. The soil should be pretty dry first, and the plant will almost look SLIGHTLY wilty. This is because water, under pressure in the plant’s cells is what allows plants to have structure. When they are low on water they show you by looking a little like a week old ballon.

1) Light. You got to use something in the right spectrum. Flourescent grow bulbs that work with any fixture are available at home depot for litle money. Look for something in the 27k spectrum. Better yet is a tube flourescent like a T5. Don’t use regualr T8 bubls, they’re really not right. Best yet is a HPS or MH lamp. These are a little more expensive, and you will want at least a 250w to 400w.
3) Soil and container. Lowryder and other autoflowering seeds like between a 2 and 3 gallon pot. You can buy grow bags for very cheap, or improvize. Make sure there are holes for drainage in your container (at least 4 half inch holes or equivelant). Buy yourself a good potting soil, but stay away from anything like miracle grow, or anything that claims to have plant food already in it. Blackgold organic is the cheapest good soil you should consider, and is available anywhere. To this soil I want you to mix 1 part perlite (super cheap) to two parts soil. So for a 3 gallon pot it would be 1/3 perlite and 2/3 soil, but mixed together. This adds drainage and allows for airflow on your roots.
4) Nutrients. Autoflowering seeds have a fairly short lifecycle, and don’t require long acting nutrients. Liquid fertilizers work awesome. From the time the seeds are germintated and showing leaves, you will have about 8 weeks until you are smoking it! There are two stages to a weed plants life: growth and budding. For growth, plants like fertilizers wth nitrogen. when you look at fertilizers they show three numbers. This is the N-P-K ratio (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassiun). For the first two weeks of the plants life it won’t need anything but potting soil and a little water. When it hits two weeks, hit it with a high nitrogen fertilizer, mixed at 1/2 strength of what the label says. Wait for the plant to be BONE DRY (but not too wilty) in between waterings. This will encourage the roots to expand looking for water. Once the plant dries out, (should be about a week) fertilize again at half strength. Wait for it to dry out. By the time you are thinking about your third feeding, it will be thinking about budding, and so you will want to give it something without nitrogen, and with phosphorous and potassium. If all of this is too much to keep straight, go spend $30 on a two part (grow+bloom) plant fertilizer, and follow the instructions. Advanced Nutrients Sensi two part is great, so is Fox Farms Grow + Bloom. I would still reccomend half strength for any feedings though, as autoflowering strains seem to need less food. The last two waterings use no plant food of any kind. Just pure water. Make sure in the last two weeks of the plants life, at least 4 times your planters volume in water gets passed through it. This flushes out any nutrient salts in your plant that taste terrible and make your stuff butn funny. THIS IS HUGELY IMPORTANT, even dangerous to ignore.
2) Airflow. If you use flourescent bulbs you won’t have as much problem with heat, but you will need at minimum a small fan to add fresh air right on to your plants, and hopefully another near the top of your light to blow warm air out.
Here’s what you need to consider before starting:

Finally: Don’t over feed. Especially lowryder. Don’t spray the plant down too much with water, and not at all as it’s budding. You can cause mold this way.

I have 5 feminized lowryder seeds and would like to grow them in my room. I love smoking weed but I don't exactly know how to grow it the right way. Does…

Lowryder grow

For best results, place jiffy pellet or plant directly into 1-2 gal.pots. Alternatively, start in 4-inch peat pots, then place rootbound females into a plant bed after sexing (at approx. 17-20 days) – this may result in smaller plants than the first method. Grown under a 12 to 24 hour/daylight cycle from start to finish. I recommend 18 hours per day; this can be decreased to 16 after the first month with no loss of yield.

AVERAGE HEIGHT: 12 inches. Minimum: 5 inches, maximum 16 inches (very light-dependent, with slight phenotype variations).
Lowryder females usually grow no taller than 16-20 inches. 12-16 inches is typical. Light intensity, pot size, and proper pH all play an important role in determining the size of plants at maturity – the better the conditions, the bigger the yield. Plants produce one main cola, although when they receive adequate light, lower nodes branch out profusely.

YIELD: Depending on light and other factors, Lowryder yields up to 45 g – one report even claims 96 g for one exceptional plant under hydroponics. Extremely light-dependent in terms of yield. Without adequate conditions, plants may stay extremely small, almost comically so – but still produce a decent smoke.
Lowryder virtually does away with the vegetative growth stage: it passes almost immediately from the seedling stage to the flowering period. To our knowledge, Lowryder has the shortest known life cycle and height in the cannabis species. Male plants may be identified as such after approx. 17-20 days, while females show themselves a couple days later. Plants will even flower under a continuous light regime.
Buds are compactand close-quartered, slightly irregular and variable, with high bud/leaf ratio. Thick pistils, with orange coloration, and medium-sized, individual calyxes. Tends to be top-heavy indoors. Typically, budding sites start very close to the ground.
Nothing will mature earlier or faster than Lowryder! When other varieties have barely begun flowering, Lowryder outdoor growers are kicking up their feet and already enjoying their fresh harvests.
Yield and height are dependent on obvious growth factors. For example, plants kept in small peat cups on a windowsill may yield as little as 1 g. and grow no taller than 6 inches, with no branching whatsoever; while a plant in a 4-gallon container under high-intensity lighting and good cultivation methods, can turn into a profusely branched, two-foot wide 45-gram bud monster.

JointDoctor on nutes: I get alot of requests for more info on nutrient needs for Lowryder. This is a hard question to answer as it depends how much money you want to shell out for nutrient products. I get Advanced Nutrient products (many say the best) at a discount and I have adapted their formula for my own use. Advanced Nutrients provides a complete program for an 8-week grow and has a guide for different growing mediums. For the first two weeks, I use what they recommend for seedlings. Then I use the Micro 2+ Light Feeding program for the rest of their life cycle. I usually skip week 3 and 5 to bring it down to a 6 week program which I begin as soon as LRs are sexed. I know it sounds complicated. Obviously all this is not needed.

The Official Lowryder Grow Guide The official Lowyder Grow Guide- written by the Joint doctor. Have you ever wonderd how the Joint Doctor grows his Lowryder strain to its fullest potential ? Well