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low stress training step by step

As its name suggests, Low-Stress Training is a technique that allows a cannabis plant to grow more productively without experiencing much stress. LST involves bending the top branches of a cannabis plant so you have much more control and uniformity over your entire canopy. Low stress training allows you to easily double your yields as every branch can develop into a fully-fledged thick, heavy top.

Tip: try adding a bit of aloe vera to the interior plant to improve the chances of healing even further.
Cannabis is a robust and vigorous plant that, left to its own devices, will quickly grow to a tall and highly visible height. Another reason why growers of weed are keen to embrace LST is the fact that it is an effective way of keeping the plants to a manageable and discreet height where they are less likely to be noticed by curious neighbors or passers-by.

LST also enables important plant hormones to be evenly distributed throughout the plant. The most important example is auxin, the hormone responsible for determining the dominant ‘top’. When the top is moved so that is no longer the highest point of the cannabis plant, the auxin is naturally redistributed to the new is the highest section. Former side shoots are, therefore, allowed to become tops and the subsequent benefits of increased exposure to light.
When growers LST their plants, the general idea is to gently pull branches away from the middle of the plant so that the plant looks like a star when viewed from above. This helps expose the lower branches to more light, while also keeping plants short.
Even if you never top the plant, you can simply bend it in the direction you want it to go.
Whatever your LST does exactly, you always have to attach the other side to something, usually the pot. Thicker types of wire often stick well into the ground like a tent herring, but you can also drill holes in the side of your pot or tie a band around your pot.
In case you need some recommendations regarding strains that are suitable for LST culture, we strongly advise picking one of the species below.

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Growing a female strain or an autoflower? Increase your yield with Low Stress Training (LST)! Curious how and when to apply LST? Check it out!