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low smell strains

Low smell strains

Yup, that’s right. One of the most famous strains of cannabis is actually one of the best plants to grow if you’re looking to be discrete.

In a rush? No worries, here are the top 10 best low odor seeds.
This is definitely one for smoking on the couch, as you might not want be able to get up after a toke.

The yield might only be average but it’s very easy to grow and is known for its low odour while growing.
To most growers, the pungent, delightful smell of healthy buds is an enjoyable experience.
2. All strains will smell slightly
The effects of this strain are very strong and will really pin you to the sofa.
Perfect for hash lovers, it will produce high amounts of resin and gives off a faintly sweet smell while growing.

A good looking plant that turns lavender blue mid way through flowering.

Looking for the Best Low Odor Strains for your grow? Look no further as I reveal the top 10 best low smell strains for a stealthy grow!