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low humidity during flowering

Low humidity during flowering

Optimal Humidity is 40-60% RH

Since humidity changes how much water your plants drink, and the water you give your plants have nutrients in them, being in control of humidity gives you increased control over your plant’s nutrient intake.
Increase ventilation (add a more powerful exhaust fan or otherwise improve your exhaust system) – this increases the total amount of airflow in the grow area. This strategy will only work to lower humidity if the intake air has a lower RH than the air in the grow room.

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Monitor temperature & humidity in your grow room!
Bud Mold or Rot

  • If the air is too hot and dry (high VPD), plants will tend to have stretched growth.
  • If the air is too cool and humid (low VPD), plants are more prone to problems with mold or fungus.

Young plants (seedling to end of vegetation)

This humidifier is an evaporative swamp cooler that holds 7 gallons of water at a time – great for hot, dry climates.

Learn how to control humidity in the cannabis grow room to get faster growth and better yields!

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In my opinion your humidity sounds fine, but personally I like to keep my temps at 70*-75*F. It seems to make the internodal spacing a little tighter plus the buds don’t tend to be as airy as they do at higher temps.

I read awhile back on these forums about lowering the humidity in the flower stage during the last 2-3 weeks. This is supposed to increase resin production as a way of protecting the plant from drying out. I must say I am impressed! I was able to lower the humidity in the room to 40-45% about the time I started my flush. During the last week I dropped it to about 35%. Not an easy task in the humid Northwest (especially this time of year). The difference is AMAZING! I usually would do pre-trim and harvest with bare hands and scissors, however this time I had to switch to rubber gloves; I got so much resin on my hands from trimming just a couple plants that I had to use mechanics hand cleaner 4 times and was still a bit sticky to the touch.
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Thank you again to this great community for continuing to expand my knowledge on growing medical marijuana! I will try to get some pictures posted of this great crop very soon.
I was veggin mine at 60%, dropped it down to 50 when I started flowering, then 40 when buds started. I’ve got a little less than 4 weeks left, and i’ve lowered it to 30.
It has been awhile since I have been on and able to share with all of you. I just wanted to share a little bit of info with everyone.

Better yet, ditch the rubber gloves and scrape it off your hands from time to time with a dull razor blade (not CUT, scrape lol) and keep adding it to the little ball until it’s a bigger ball.

It has been awhile since I have been on and able to share with all of you. I just wanted to share a little bit of info with everyone… I read awhile…