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love potions for sale

Love potions for sale

Another potential use of potion is to put it on something a person you want to affect with the potion is going to touch or wear. Again, just a drop or two is necessary.

Put the potion on a letter or card you are sending someone you want to affect.

Drop a couple of drops of potion where someone you want to affect with the potion will walk through it.

Rub the potion on candles you are going to burn that are appropriate to your situation.
Seriously, besides all the regular uses of the potions, she used it as her cologne, as her bath oil, as her skin softener (she mixed some potion in with baby oil and used it for her skin). If she was having a frizzy hair day, a drop of potion in her palm – rub her hands together and smooth down her hair. She put a dot on every letter she mailed, even bills (using a bit of money or luck potion), and everything else she could think of.
Miss Fannie Bell’s potions may be used in many different ways:

    The first and most common use of the potions is to wear them! Remember these are very potent potions and only a drop or two is necessary to wear. Placing the potion on your skin at pulse points (those points where you can feel your pulse – such as inner wrist, behind the ear, inner elbow, behind the knees, etc.) are the best places to wear the potion. Miss Fannie Bell uses only the purest, natural ingredients when making her potions, but if you are sensitive to them being on your skin another option is to put a few drop on a ball of cotton and put that in your pocket or bra, or putting the potion on something you are wearing. Using the potion when you are going into a situation that is appropriate for the potion you are using is most efficient. In other words, wearing a love potion when you aren’t going to be around anyone that is a potential lover isn’t going to do much good and is probably a waste of the potion.

PLEASE NOTE: Miss Fannie Bell’s potions are extremely strong and powerful – only a drop or two is needed for effective use!! This is NOT just some bottle of perfumed oil! These potions are hand-blended and consecrated, in our office, by Mambo Sam herself. All of Miss Fannie Bell’s potions may be used by men or women, gay or straight.
VOODOO LOVE #999™ – Triple strength dose of the famous Love Potion #9! Attract new lovers. Get new attention from old lovers. Great all-purpose love potion.

SILKEN LADY TRAP™ – Especially potent potion to help attract a special lady to you or a variety of ladies for you to choose from. Very intoxicating scent. Wear a drop or two to be irresistible.

Ageless, timeless Voodoo and Hoodoo potions for love, lucky, money, and more. House crafted, handmade and consecrated true voodoo potions from The Voodoo Boutique.