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loud weed

But those who have come a long way from their first experiences with cannabis start appreciating the diverse world of marijuana with more mileage.

Loud weed, or dank weed, in short, is premium cannabis – the kind that’s potent and pungent, the kind that’s very sticky and that gets you really, ​really ​ high. Think ​Pineapple Express.
Dank weed is grown in ideal conditions and carefully harvested in order to secure top-notch quality.

Since loud weed excels performance-wise, it is a popular choice among medical marijuana patients.
Moving up on the ladder, mid-grade marijuana, also known as beasters, is a significant improvement compared to its lower-grade reggie cousin.
Reggie is a very mild type of cannabis with a characteristic dull, brown or murky, greenish color.
And just as the perfect choice of wine depends on the given situation, exploring the vast world of diverse weed strains will lead you to discover just the right one for your particular needs.
But before we take on loud weed, let’s take a closer look at the general classification of marijuana types.

All of the intricacies of the growing, harvesting and storing of marijuana affect the final product in a similar way that different grape varieties are handled to produce wine.

Learn how to spot high and low quality weed, from reggie and mid-range to loud weed, and what type of consumers would use each of these.