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lime seeds for sale

I planted multiple seeds in plastics cups in moist soil wrapped in plastic and left in a sunny warm location. What I witnessed was that all of the seeds germinated.

Last year bought 10 lime seeds. Did so well now adding lemon to my citrus garden. Enjoy growing my own stuff and not having to buy it at stores.
Posted by A Corona on 10th Nov 2017

I’ve been looking for a place that sold lemon tree seeds and I’m glad Tyler Farms offers what I have been looking for quite a while now. The seeds germinated and I’m looking forward to a good harvest in a couple of years. Thanks Tyler Farms!
Posted by Daniel on 16th Jun 2019
Key Lime trees can be grown on balconies, patios, and limited-space gardens. Enjoy the attractive trees and the scent of indoor winter blossoms if you choose to plant your citrus trees in an indoor container.
Our farm fresh, naturally grown Key Lime seeds allow you to grow your own fruit trees, indoor or outdoor. Often referred to as Mexican Limes and Bartender Limes, these are the original lime types cut into wedges and served in Mexico with Corona beer bottles.
Key Lime trees are vigorous fruit producers and a single seed has the potential of yielding thousands of Limes. While these trees produce can fruit throughout the year, the majority of the crop is harvest-ready in the fall and winter.

Posted by restaurant avison on 1st Aug 2017

Tyler Farms is a small farm that utilizes organic farming techniques to grow and harvest pepper seeds. Headquartered in Southern California, we grow all of our pepper plants in isolation, harvest the peppers during our long California grow season, and hand select seeds to ensure the highest quality product. We carry seeds of pepper varieties that vary in heat level, ranging from sweet and mild to super hot, including several rare and exotic varieties. All of our seeds are harvested at their peak of freshness and are thoroughly washed and ready to planted at any time. Our product lines also include citrus seeds, luffa seeds, and Jiffy Peat Pots, the preferred seed starting container for organic growers.