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lemon thai strain

Lemon thai strain

Combined with the brute force of a hard-hitting indica, Kush, this hybrid Lemon Thai Kush offers a balanced effect of psychoactive and body highs.

Lemon Thai Kush plants grow similar to the famous SSH (Super Silver Haze) but flower in less time. The buds are of very high quality and potent.
Lemon Thai Kush buds hold up exceptionally well to mold problems, due to their humid climate genetics. Outdoor growers know how devastating the dreaded blue/grey mold Botrytis cinerea can be. Lemon Thai Kush is also resistant to powdery mildew. (If you’re struggling to fight powdery mildew, you can do it organically! Check out this- Powdery Mildew Organic Remedies)

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Lemon Thai Kush is a good strain that has the best of both worlds – sativa and indica.
Strains with SE Asian genetics tend to handle damage by rotting slowly, instead of being susceptible to mold. Compare this to some Afghani genetics that will quickly become infected with blue mold, spreading through the plant within mere hours. Lemon Thai Kush is very mold resistant.

  • Easy-to-grow and productive (350-500 g/m2, big plants outdoors)
  • 16-20% THC content
  • Grows well indoors or outdoors.
  • Available as regular and feminized seeds.
  • Mostly sativa dominant phenos, with some indica-dominance showing up
  • Harvest around September in the northern hemisphere

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Humboldt Seeds Lemon Thai Kush

For those looking for a unique, marketable and productive sativa, Lemon Thai Kush is a quick flowering hybrid that runs on the heavier-budded side