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lemon skunk autoflower

Lemon Skunk growth information
Lemon Skunk performs well if you have an average to high percentage of extra fertilizer. In general, the yield achieved by experienced growers is in between 300 and 400 grams per m2. The original Lemon Skunk grows quite tall. But like most autoflowers, Lemon Skunk autoflower remains relatively small. Ideal to grow on the balcony or in a compact grow room.

  • The length of the flowering period
  • The final height of the plant
  • The month in which you harvest
  • How long the plant needs from seedling to harvest (for autoflowers)
  • The yield
  • The percentage of THC and CBD and the ratio to each other
  • A round plastic tray
  • 2 wads of cotton wool to fit the tray
  • Manual (NL & EN)
  • 3 insert cards for the plant tray

The Lemon Skunk auto flower was developed from a very stable Skunk #1 variety which has been grown since 1994. The Skunk #1 is crossed with a stable original Lowryder.
What if you see a hermaphrodite or male plant amongst your plants? In that case, remove it as quickly as possible. It can spoil your harvest. No idea how to recognise a male or female plant? Then get hold of our blog and look for ‘male’.
Genetics: Skunk #1 (Lemon fenotype) x Lowryder
Indica / Sativa: Mix of Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis
Effect: Quick and balanced high, with the softness of an Indica and the stimulating effect of a Sativa
Flowering period: 8 weeks
Plant height: 35 – 50 cm
Yield: Unknown
Properties: Remains very small and has few branches.
Prizes: Has not participated yet
Seeds: 5 feminine auto flower seeds
THC: Unknown
Auto flower: Yes
If we state that a weed seed is pure Indica, we mean that the genetics of the seed contain only Indica. Although it is unlikely that the plant will then grow like a Sativa, it is still possible that the plant will have longer and narrower leaves than we specify. We call what the plant looks like, the phenotype of a plant.
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The Lemon Skunk is now an auto flower thanks to two years of crossing and developing it. All the auto flower properties are present and the plant usually only grows to 35 cm with a solid top and little branches.

An excellent type to counteract stress and depression. Induces a blissful feeling and more energy. The plant remains small, with few branches.