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legal bud highs

Jamaican Bunch is an Herbal Solid Smoke, which contains naturally 2-Methyl-3-buten-2-ol, Elemicin & Myristicin + a tasty fruity flavor. 2-Methyl-3-buten-2-ol is chemical similar to THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and has relaxing effects. Elemicin is very similar to Mescaline and has smooth hallucinogenic effects. Myristicin is a drug related to Ten-Amfetamine (MDA). It has empathogen-entactogen activity with a stimulating component. This Legal High is one of our strongest Incenses. It has a delicious fruity flavor and a smooth smoke. You feel relaxed and stimulated at the same time after using this legal high. Just check, you will love this special mixture of smokable herbs, oils and resins, with a perfectly matched content of psychoactive alkaloids.

New Herbal Highs Legal Smoke like Herbal XTC
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The great depression rules globally! What do you need now? Herbal Highs! With Legal Highs and Herbal Incense the worldwide economic crisis will become a Happy Slump! Because of current interest our natural scientist created this tasty mix of legal buds. Your depression will be gone instantly while burning the Herbal Incense Happy Slump.
Herbal Incense to smile
Jamaican Bunch Incense is a top seller of our shop. The Herbal Highs are blends of psychoactive herbs or pure resins. Every substance is a natural content of selected shamanic drug plants, which were used for hundreds of years in rituals to free their minds and feel the spirit. They were also used by some hippies of the wild 60′s as alternative drugs. They loved to fill with smoke their rooms with Herbal Incense and to dance ecstatically to the sound of psychedelic music. The empathogen-entactogen effect of Jamaican Bunch Smoke makes it great incense for chilling with friends. Buy now newest Legal Highs.
Legal Buds to party
Great recent Legal Highs with natural xtc. Here you find the finest Legal Highs and Herbal Incenses to fill with smoke and fly high.. Thousands of satisfied smokers loving Jamaican Bunch.
Smoke Legal Highs with XTC and Amphetamine

Sweet flavors and psychoactive agents let you smile and get frivolous. It’s a Legal High to have a lot of fun with friends or to watch comedy movies. Check out Happy Slump now and fly to the cloud of happiness. The red-purple colors of this Herbal Incense fit perfectly the effects of Happy Slump. It’s a bit like good weed.

New Herbal Highs Legal Smoke like Herbal XTC Great recent Legal Highs with natural xtc. Here you find the finest Legal Highs and…

Legal bud highs

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Legal Herbal Bud – Herbal Smoke Shop Legal Bud and Herbal Smoke. Herbal Smoke Shop has been the leader in legal bud and herbal smokes since 1998. Our products are not labeled as marijuana alternatives, legal highs, herbal ecstasy, herbal ecstacy, legal marijuana alternative, legal high, herbal highs, or legal marijuana by FDA law.