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laughing buddha price

3. How to place Laughing Buddha sitting on a dragon tortoise?
Its rude to look down upon the statue of laughing buddha. You must respectfully place him at the eye level.
If the east of your house is in living room or bedroom you can place him there as well. But no need to place him in the east if its a toilet or kitchen. Instead be happy to place him in the east of your living room.
4. Where should we keep Laughing Budda surrounded with children?
Are you troubled with bills and financial troubles? Does the economy create constant feats and worries? Rub his tummy once a day. And he will take away all your financial worries.
Do you have a bedroom or living room in Northwest? Keep your laughing buddha in the north west. Is your main door in north west or facing north west? Place the laughing buddha facing the main door
Use gold color laughing buddha to control the bad by TheTorntvs V11-1″ href=””>EARTH ENERGY of the number 5.
1. Where to place Lauging Buddha carrying a wo lu.
This laughing buddha is trying to help you gain more wisdom, have better insight and study better. The beads symbolise pearls of wisdom. You can place him in the center of the house or our study room. The number 4 star is in the center this year. It will help you shine in your examinations. Alternatively you can also place him in the north east or in your personal growth direction.
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Bgroovy Laughing Buddha – Set of 6 Decorative Showpiece – 5 cm (Polyresin, Gold) Type: Laughing Buddha Feng Shui & Vastu Showpiece Material: Polyresin Theme: Ethnic