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kush significado

Kush significado

When using these strains, their experiences differ widely: Indica strains lean to strong body highs and are helpful for people looking to relieve anxiety, body pain and insomnia. Sativa plants provide an experience described as uplifting and energetic. Their cerebral highs drop the user in creative, active moods, but every experience is different.

There are a number of Haze strains to be enjoyed, but here some of the most noteworthy!
Liberty Haze crosses the power strains Chemdawg 91 and G13. It results in a plant that offers a powerful, uplifting, social high. This plant stays on the smaller size (100cm), so she can save her energy to produce fat, dense buds that make a grower’s mouth water. Liberty Haze takes sativa smokers to a new level by giving them the energy to tackle anything that may come with a smile.

The flower buds of Haze and Kush plants also differ sharply. Haze buds are lighter green with lots of hairy bright orange pistils covering the outside of the flower. Kush varieties are brightly colored, with deep green and rich purples.
Many of the most popular strains smoked today find either Kush or Haze at the end of their names, meaning they count on one strain or the other as a parent. The pleasure of smoking a particular strain stretches well beyond its name though, and each family of strains offers their own rewarding experience.
In the long, storied history of cannabis strains, several names rise to the fore, but a couple big names keep popping up in smoke sessions across the globe.
Purple Afghan Kush is an indica dominant plant derived from Black Domina and Purple Afghani. She is pure relaxation with every puff. Her beautiful purple hues are only matched by her 70% indica dominance. Purple Afghan Kush grows to about 200cm and yields 500g/m². This potent plant takes away stress with every toke.
Both Haze and Kush are known for their highs feeling euphoric and “happy” in nature, but Haze highs feel more energetic while Kush tends to feel sleepier. Hazes are heavy-hitting among sativas. Their potent cerebral and social head highs are accompanied by a body brightness thanks to its medium-level CBD content. Kushes are typically heavier indica varieties, providing significant body sedation and pain relief.

Reflecting through each inhale and exhale provides the smoker a unique experience when it comes to the taste of each strain. Both of these strains boast distinctive flavors. Haze strains taste “brighter”; they are said to have earthy-sweet citrus profiles with an almost a sweet-and-sour flavor. Kush strains offer smooth and complex flavors, filled with notes of flowers, grape, citrus, diesel, and earth.

Learn about cannabis strains Kush and Haze. Begin to understand marijuana genetics, and how sativa and indica dominant plants differ. Learn it all here.

Title : The best
Comment : I love this one, really tasty. turned out great

Title : O.G KUSH
Title : Eccezzionale strain
Comment : La Og Kush è una bomba, coltivata out, consiglio un vaso da almeno 50 lt e tanta tanta acqua!

Title : Og kush
Comment : Very good top quality end product.
Title : outdoor grow
Comment : Very nice strain strong a vigorous growth, fresh, pine smell, never tried the smoke since i had only 1 plant of this strain and it had root rotten in the end of the summer
Title : supeer
Comment : perfekt weed for every evening
Title : OG Kush
Comment : Always in my garden since 1999

Title : Excellent
Comment : Il est impossible d’oublier un gout pareil. Cette variété est l’une des meilleurs au monde. Voilà maintenant 1 an et demi que je me fournie régulièrement chez Rqs et je n’ai jamais eu le moindre soucis. Le service est irréprochable; mais surtout la qualité des seeds et le résultat finale sont bien meilleurs que d’autres. Salutations

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