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Kush dental

Fill the Missing Space

You need a tooth extraction when there is no alternative to save or restore your damaged tooth. The Dentist removes the tooth from its socket to relieve pain brought about by infection or tooth decay.
Founded in 2014, Kush Dental is dedicated to the best affordable dentistry and tooth replacement services available. Our practice houses an on-site dental laboratory that provides affordable crowns, same-day dentures, same-day repairs, and relines.

After a dental exam, your trusted Florida dentist performs a relatively painless tooth extraction with local anesthesia. If your tooth root appears to be exposed, it will be easily removed in one piece, or, if not, then the dentist will gently loosen the tooth to widen the space in the bone and break the tiny elastic fibers that attach your tooth to the bone. Once your tooth separates from the bone, it will be removed with a forceps.
I’ve been to numerous dentist and by far this is the best I’ve found. The office is even 1 hour away from my home. But, I don’t mind the ride, even fighting i4 traffic; for caring & quality dental work!! Just come with patience as making dentures and quality dental work TAKES TIME!!
-Todd Sabrina 5-Star Rating
Don’t walk around with missing tooth spaces in your mouth. We make state of the art Custom Affordable Dentures and Partials to fill missing teeth space in your mouth. We also do immediate Dentures and Partials, and this means that the Denture or Partial goes in immediately after the Dentist takes out your teeth.
Extraction and Dentures
Our staff includes a periodontist to treats bleeding gums, bad breath, and bone loss associated with gum disease and all other orthodontic treatment, as well as an on-staff general dentist to perform extraction if your tooth cannot be saved and wisdom tooth extractions. We love making our patients happy with our top-of-the-line affordable and economy dentures and dental products. We also provide the latest in cosmetic restorations using metal-free crowns, bridges, and flexible lightweight economy dentures.

Kush Dental Same-Day denture provides quality but low-price dentures.

Smile More & Feel Great With Your New Teeth It’s our pleasure to be able to serve you at Kush Dental Same Day dentures & partials, simple and surgical extractions. We select some of the most