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kritical kush

Kritical kush

The growth pattern of Critical Kush is open, with relatively scant leaf mass, and a great leaf/bud ratio during flowering. This structure promotes aeration and improves light distribution, which prevents pest infestations and significantly enhances the yields. Additionally, it is a great clone donor, which will take root easily and can be forced to flower after a short time.

It reaches medium heights, with a controlled stretch thanks to its Critical genes. Suited for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cultivation, it always offers solid results within very fast flowering times, as it’s ready after just 8 weeks of flowering indoors, and during September outdoors.
The best of the American and European continents in an impressive hybrid, ideal for the commercial grower that seeks quality

In addition to its flavour and easiness to grow, Critical Kush stands out for its great production. Indoors yields of 650g/m 2 are not uncommon, with sticky buds loaded with resin that offers a THC content of up to 25%, and a significant amount of CBD of about 2% for this type of strain.
The intense aroma and taste of this strain is without a doubt one of its strongest points; earthy and citrus notes blended with sour hints of pine resin, a unique combination that is hard to forget. Bear in mind that the smell is very strong during flowering!
Critical Kush by Barney’s Farm is an explosive mix of two of the most famous cannabis genetics: Critical Mass and OG Kush. A strain that brings together the best of the European and American continents, and surprises with its unique flavour and amazing yields, that are close to – and even exceed – a gram per watt indoors. An indica of high production and short flowering that will astound you.
The effect of Critical Kush is what you might expect from this type of indica, a strong feeling of relaxation and calm, perfect for falling asleep and fighting stress. Thanks to its CBD content, it’s also very effective for relieving pain and anxiety.
Fast, productive and very powerful indica

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