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Sour Diesel has more sativa than indica, with a 90:10 ratio. Though it has low indica content, its THC count can average at around 20%. The high amount of sativa makes it ideal for stimulating your brain and providing an uplifting sensation, though the THC will make you feel a bit sleepy after the high goes away.

Even people who don’t use marijuana or know how to find weed in D.C. might already be familiar with Pineapple Express. Though it has been used in Europe since the early 2000s, the strain grew wildly popular in the U.S. thanks to Seth Rogen’s movie in 2008, which shares the same name.
AK-47 is one of those all-around hybrids that are great for any situation. The sativa makes it an excellent choice for keeping your mind invigorated and focused yet relaxed at the same time. The high you get from this hybrid also lasts for several hours, which can be helpful if you want to have a productive work session without stressing yourself out. Meanwhile, the THC content means it can also be used to mellow you out, boost your appetite, or relieve your pain.

As a sativa-heavy strain, Pineapple Express is popular among users for boosting brain function and mood. But it won’t be as useful for keeping you relaxed as an indica strain. Pineapple Express is also often called a creeper because the effects take longer to finish, and most users don’t feel the complete high all at once. It usually occurs progressively, starting from an energy boost and improved mood, to feeling more relaxed and creative. It’s an excellent strain to try while hanging out with friends, or if you need a jolt of energy after a long day.
Although it has spicy undertones similar to OG Kush, Khalifa Kush has a more prominent citrus flavor and scent. It also has a high average THC content of around 26% with a 20:80 sativa-to-indica ratio. As such, newbie weed users should be careful when using this strain for the first time, as the potency can get you high from consuming a relatively small amount.
However, the film makes Pineapple Express seem more like an Indica variety, but it was developed from the Hawaiian and Trainwreck, which are both predominantly Sativa strains. Its sativa-to-indica ratio is at a more balanced 60:40, with an average range of 12-25% THC content. It has a pleasing fragrance of pineapples, mangoes, and other fruits, which also extend to its flavor.
Khalifa Kush, also known as K.K., is a sativa-indica hybrid derived from another popular marijuana strain, OG Kush. K.K. was developed in 2015 by U.S. rapper Wiz Khalifa— a maven in the cannabis industry . It’s also the name of Wiz’s brand of weed accessories. Khalifa Kush first became popular in California before spreading throughout the States and to other countries as well. Anyone trying to find weed in D.C. won’t have a problem getting this branded strain as delivery services like Ghouse DC always have available stocks.
The name Sour Diesel already hints at its flavor: earthy with sour lemony undertones. But its most famous attribute is its distinctive smell. As the name suggests, it does smell sharply of diesel fuel as well, with a bit of citrus that adds to the kick.

Nonetheless, weed users enjoy Khalifa Kush for its energizing yet sedating effects. That’s because its sativa content is a mental stimulant, while its indica serves as a pain reliever and relaxer that doesn’t make you feel lethargic.

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