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kingsman real shop

Kingsman real shop

The London base of the Kingsman organisation is entered via the traditional innocuous shopfront, in this case a classy tailors on the West End’s famous Savile Row . Renamed ‘Kingsman’ for the film, it’s Huntsman, 11 Savile Row, London W1 , running alongside Regent Street.

Hart continues his pursuit of Valentine and, after a delicious meal of McDonalds’ burgers and fine wines with him, picks up on a clue which sends him scooting across the pond to investigate an extremely unpleasant church in ‘Kentucky’.
Like the characters in Shaun Of The Dead, Eggsy lives in north London but chooses to drink miles away in South London (are there so few pubs in the capital?).

Eggsy and his new chum Roxy (Sophie Cookson) pass with flying colours of course, but it’s goodbye to annoying posh boy Charlie (Edward Holcroft).
The private house isn’t open to the public but it is available to hire as a conference/meeting space, and has been a frequent filming location, notably seen in Ken Russell’s 1986 fantasy Gothic , Kenneth Branagh’s 1992 drama Peter’s Friends , Robert Altman’s 2001 murder mystery Gosford Park , and briefly in King Ralph.
The railway tunnel, in which the candidates are tied to the railtrack and pumped for information about Kingsman, is the Sharpthorne Tunnel on the the Bluebell Railway – a five mile stretch of track between Horsted Keynes and Sheffield Park , northeast of Haywards Heath in East Sussex. The railway also appears in biopics Chaplin and The Theory Of Everything.
The ‘South Glade Church’ (clearly twinned with the obnoxious Westboro Baptist Church), in which Valentine’s ploy triggers Harry Hart into carrying out a bloody massacre to rival anything Quentin Tarantino has come up with, is the Garrison Church of St Barbara, Deepcut Bridge Road, Deepcut , in Surrey, a couple of miles east of Farnborough.
Ultimately it’s Roxy who becomes the new agent. At Harry Hart’s home, decorated with newspaper headlines, he castigates Eggsy for flunking the final test (shooting the doggy). Hart’s end-of-mews house is 11 Stanhope Mews South, SW7 , off Gloucester Road, south of Gloucester Road tube station.

After Eggsy nicks the lads’ car, the resulting high-speed backwards car chase with the police ends up in a shunt on Corbridge Crescent , alongside the canal in Cambridge Heath, E2 . This lively spot is the site of the safe house in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, also with Colin Firth, the hideout of mastermind Shaw in Fast And Furious 6 , and was also seen in Gangster No.1 and Johnny Depp misfire, Mortdecai .

Kingsman: The Secret Service | 2014 When old school, super-secret, non-governmental agency Kingsman loses a man in action, gentleman agent Harry Hart, aka Galahad (Colin Firth), breaks