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jugos de desintoxicación

*my face when I try ballet poses* You too?? THAT’S OKAY! Try, fail, try again! Challenge yourself, and mix up boring workout routines! Link in my stories to the ballerina that @balletdancercnv and I work out to sometimes! 💪🏼

🍉 🍋Why I eat fruits first thing in the morning⠀ ⠀ ✖️Your body is in its natural detox state (hello morning 💩) and fruit consumed at this time are rapidly absorbed.⠀ ✖️As fruits digest very quickly, eating fruit following other meals asks fruit to sit undigested in your tummy with the rest of your slower-digesting meal. Fermentation of this fruit can cause bloating.⠀ ✖️I have noticed my energy levels are higher in the morning.⠀ ✖️I tend to forget to eat my daily dose of 🍎 🍇 so getting it out of the way first helps ☺️⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 2Try – – ⠀ 🍊Have a glass of 💧after waking up⠀ 🍍Enjoying your fruit after water⠀ 🍊Wait 30m b4 having your next meal
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👄 GUT HEALTH 👄 Do you know who Hippocrates is? He is an awesome guy, right 3000 years ago he said: ALL disease begins in the gut! If our digestion system is not functioning well, nothing else will! Not our hormones, not our immune system, not our brain!ALL disease begins in the gut! So how do we improve the gut so that we have the power to turn off genes for future disease and disfunction so we can live a healthy happy life and that you have the power and control over your life? 1.Kill the “bad” bugs 2.Clean up after them 3.Plant new seeds of “good” bugs 4.Keep watering the seeds on a daily basis 5.Stick to an 80/20 diet Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel! (Kevin Trudeau) The food you eat is more powerful than you think! Food can be the best medicine or the slowest poison. Look after your body and be aware of what you put into your mouth. You can live a healthy happy life if you look after your gut. Stay safe ❤️ Look after your health❤️ #guthealth #nutritionmatters #nobloating #flatbelly #6packontheway #healthybody #myhipsdontlie #nutrition #nutritionisttobe #healthymindhealthybody #goodandbadbacteria #balance #lookafteryourgut #listentoyourbody #vegan #musclegain #bymonikab
This just shows what our drinks can do for people just one drink a day! You can see Michelle’s results documented every week and this is just after 2 weeks 🤩 Curves cravings ✔️ Reduces bloating ✔️ Burns fat ✔️ Faster metabolism ✔️ Feel and look healthier ✔️😍 . Order going in soon for this month girls don’t miss out! DM to order! 📩
If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms you need to click the link in my bio. Beauty and mental clarity starts from within. Start to become the better version of yourself. #cbd #detox #nobloating #beauty #skincare 💚💚💚💚
YOGA POSES – glut and back strengthening! 1. Tabletop with arm/leg extension (tuck in for core work) 2. Three legged dog (works arms, back, core, and gluts!) Just these two exercises can make a HUGE difference in your core strength and posture. 👌🏼
Its just so dam good and for past 6 months it’s my favorite 😋 Love all flavors, 3 yrs was vanilla I can mix anything in it . I wake up thinking about it 😄 Always been a shake gal, this is micronizied with pre and probiotics so for me its important with my gut issues and bloating 🤷‍♀️ #guthealth #nobloating #wellnesswednesday #alldaysustainableenergy #preandprobiotics # keepsmeful #moodsupport #bettersleep #cadilac #lovemyshakes

Conocías todos los beneficios de la sábila? . La sábila es una planta medicinal muy popular que se ha utilizado durante miles de años y es bien conocida por su uso como tratamiento para heridas de la piel, quemaduras, llagas y úlceras. Ayuda en el plan de control de peso debido a que su jugo contiene muchos beneficios para la digestión y desintoxicación, ayuda al cuerpo a mantener un peso estable, a la digestión, Mejora la inmunidad, Mejora la salud del corazón, Mejora las funciones del hígado entre muchas otras propiedades! . Quieres conocer más sobre este producto? Envíame mensaje para info! . #herbalifealoe #herbalifeproducts #herbalifecoach #wellness #wellnesscoach #herbalifenutrition #nobloating #lovemyproducts #flatstomach #readyforthesummer #joinme #joinmyteam #joinmyteamtoday #joinmyteamnow #healthyliving #healthylifestyle

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