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jamaican dream strain

Jamaican dream strain

The sowing time is between October-December to harvest around the 23-30 March.

*It can be grown out of season whenever the environmental conditions enables so and always taking into consideration the hours of light, as this is a light-dependant feminized strain.
The sowing time is between April-June to harvest around the 23-30 September.

Jamaican Dream marijuana strain was created after selecting some seeds from Jamaica on a trip made by the Eva Seeds breeders in 2007.
Jamaican Dream by Eva Seeds
To the surprise of Eva Seeds’ team, the Jamaican seeds were quite homogeneous and many of them didn’t take long to flower. A faster and more productive specimen was obtained, and only 42-45 days are required to harvest this powerful Sativa. Provided in the form of feminised seeds.
It is a fast-growing and well-proportioned plant with a elongated pyramidal shape and forming many branches full of buds. Responds very well to pruning such as FIM or apical and to Sea of Green (SOG) and SCROG crops.

It yields around 360-630 grams per square meter depending on the media and growing conditions.

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