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jacks cleaner

Jacks cleaner

I truly feel it’s the most dominant strain I have ever worked with. Lemon and resin are always passed on in spade, these are very stable displaying only a couple of phenotype, no matter which phenotype you get its heavily lemon, mango fruit and will produce large thick plants with an exceptional high.

JC is my favorite breeding mom. I can use her to test males or increase the potency of any strain. I truly feel it’s the most dominant strain I have ever worked with. Lemon and resin are always passed on in spades but when I first out crossed her I choose a Blueberry mainly because everyone was into the taste. I started over about 18 months ago when I realized SQ was a far superior parent. The one area I helped leap the strain along was choosing a SQ dominant male JTR to breed out JC’s habit of stretching very tall and making a canopy hard to manage. If you one who complains people just slap plants together this is the one for you, years of research went into this semi final stage.
Exceptionally medicinal and very moreish, please do not over indulge.

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For those of you searching for the elusive JC cutting this is a 75% Square and as close as you can get to the mom. Subcool also forgot to mention that jc2 is a herm monster so is his chernoble only stick with subs eailer crosses such as vortex jillybean ao and jc1 anything new he is developing has not been very promissing.
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Developed: TGA (Spain)

* 60% Sativa / 40% Indica
* 65-70 days bloom
* SOG Suitable
* Heavy Odour
* Lemon and ground coffee aroma
* Very High Resin Profile
* Stocky Vigorous Plants
* indoor/outdoor
* appetite stimulant

Jacks Cleaner 2 breed by SubCool’s The Dank Here you can find all info about Jacks Cleaner 2 from SubCool’s The Dank . If you are searching for information about Jacks Cleaner 2 from