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iso dabs

First things you will need:
ISOPROPYL alcohol. 91% or higher. 91% is ok during warmer summer months, but if the weather is cooler use only 99%. and it HAS TO BE ISOPROPYL. do not use rubbing alcohol or everclear or any other type of alcohol you think is better.. it is not and it is also not safe.

pour this into the clean pyrex dish, leave it outside with the splash guard on top of it to prevent anything from flying into it. u can place a small fan next to it blowing down into it to speed up the alcohol evaporation process. do not use heat to speed up the process this is dangerous. also do not do any of this near an open flame or anything that can spark.
When you go to start making your extract, place your trimmings into the mason jar, when the jar is full (or you are out of product) add the alcohol. i usually fill about 90% of the way with alcohol. usually about 2 big bottles of ISO.
Put the lid on the mason jar and turn up and down and around and shake for about 30 seconds.

A clean pyrex bowl dedicated strictly to hash.
take the lid off and pour through the metal screen strainer into the plastic tupperware container. basically u are seperating out the alcohol from the plant material at this stage.
A stovetop glass coffee pot.
1 large mason jar
go outside (if you arent already) and set up your coffee pot with the metal coffee filter, then place about 10 paper coffee filters on top the metal one. proceed to pour the alcohol mixture from the mason jar into the top of the coffee filter. it is going to drip slow, so have patience, just pour so its all going into the paper filter, and leave it alone for about 15mins, then go back and top it off.. repeat until all your mixture is thru the filter.

Standard paper coffee filters.

I was an avid bubble bag user but could only achieve full melt on specific strains and then i purchased a ecig vape that took only oil. so i finally bit…

Note: This procedure needs a well ventilated space far from flames and sparks. isopropanol is inflammable.

Pour the isopropanol into the jar in order that the liquid is level with the plant matter.
Occasionally replace the water within the larger receptacle to hurry up the method.

Boil water during a totally different space then pour boiling water within the larger of the two Pyrex trays to regarding the [*fr1] method purpose.
Once all the alcohol has gaseous you\’ll use a pointy blade to get rid of the oil and place it in your required glass instrumentation. Evaporation ought to take regarding half-hour, maybe longer counting on the degree and also the inebriated you used. ( ninety nine evaporates quicker than 91%)
What are dabs? Dabs are a term for the way some people smoke their hash oil, dabbing is the method of using anything you can get your wax on to dab it on your nail.
you will need several coffee filters or cheese cloth. (if you don’t have either then use paper towels)
Pour the liquid you filtered from the primary wash into the smaller of the 2 Pyrex trays. Rest the smaller receptacle gently on prime of the larger, water crammed receptacle.

Hash oil (also called hasheesh oil, BHO, wax, sativa bho, indica bho, full melt, honey oil, dabs, or budder) may be a kind of cannabis. it’s a pitchy matrix of cannabinoids obtained from the Cannabis plant by solvent extraction, fashioned into a hardened or viscous mass.
Hash oil are often the foremost potent of the most cannabis product as a result of its high level of hallucinogenic compound per its volume, which might vary reckoning on the plant’s mixture of essential oils and hallucinogenic compounds.

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