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is weed legal in greece

Is weed legal in greece

Cannabis products produced in Greece are not yet available (as the processing plants have only just been established). It is anticipated that the first Greek-grown medical cannabis will come to market in 2020.

Thanks to the 2018 law permitting the growth and 0cultivation of cannabis plants, the country can now legally cultivate industrial hemp. The hemp can be used for a variety of purposes, from construction and textiles, to paper and biodegradable plastic. As with any other form of cannabis production, the plants used must contain less than 0.2% THC.
Under Greece’s current licensing system, cannabis medical products can be obtained on prescription from pharmacists. They are not yet subsidised through the state. Exact numbers of patients are not known, but it is believed that thousands currently use cannabis to alleviate symptoms associated with various medical conditions.

At this stage, it was unclear how pharmaceutical companies would cultivate cannabis for their medical products. The following year, the government passed a further law, permitting the production of medicinal cannabis.
The Greek Drug Law of 1987 stated that all aspects of drug use were ‘punishable with imprisonment’, even if the individual was only caught in possession of cannabis for personal use. Since then, many amendments have been made to this.

  • It is still illegal to use cannabis for recreational purposes in Greece. The law is traditionally fairly lenient if you are caught with a small amount for personal use but has the right to impose a prison sentence.
  • Investments in hemp and medical cannabis have grown significantly since 2018. Most processing plants will be situated in northern Greece and the first is anticipated to open in April 2019.
  • The Greek government see medical cannabis production as a chance to boost the economy and reduce unemployment. Just one site in Veroia is anticipated to generate 2,000 new jobs.

Additionally, the plant was downgraded from a Class A to a Class B drug. This highlighted the Greek government’s softening attitude to cannabis.
While CBD is not widely used in Greece, it is starting to become more popular. This is largely due to the change in law regarding medicinal use. If the CBD oil is harvested from EU-certified plants, then it is legally acceptable to purchase or sell it.

It is illegal to sell or supply cannabis in Greece. If you are found guilty of supplying it, you could be sentenced to as much as eight years’ imprisonment. This is reduced to three years if you are an addict yourself or part of a supply group. A life sentence may be given if the supply is carried out by individuals in a position of public responsibility; for example, a teacher or doctor. If the supplier is drug-dependent, they may be considered for conditional release once they have completed the recommended treatment for drug addiction.

It is illegal to use, possess or sell cannabis in Greece. But, due to recent changes cannabis use for medical purposes is permitted. Learn all about the latest laws.

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The Greek drug law of 2013 distinguishes between drug possession/acquisition for personal use and for commercial use, and the punishment varies accordingly. Law No 4139/2013, introduced in 2013, stipulates that individuals using drugs or obtaining or otherwise processing drugs for personal use only, in quantities to satisfy their own needs, or cultivating cannabis plants in numbers and areas justified for personal use only, can be sentenced to no more than 5 months in prison. The offence is not recorded on the offender’s criminal record on the condition that he or she does not commit another relevant offence within a 5-year period. Upon the order of the investigating judge, offenders may be admitted to a special treatment unit operating in a prison setting or a community drug treatment programme operated by a lawfully recognised agency (the law specifies the recognised drug agencies). Penalties can be suspended in the case of offenders who are undergoing treatment. The 2013 amendment removed the definitions of all quantities of substances for personal use from the previous law; this decision is now left to judges, based on the substance, its quantity and purity, and the needs of the offender.
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