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is marijuana kosher

For example, some red food dyes are made from crushed cochineal insects , and while insects are acceptable to the FDA, it’s not to kashrut laws, so brownies made with this dye wouldn’t be kosher.

Fortunately, the kosher-supervising industry is so robust in America today, that if you go to a supermarket anywhere in the country, you can find certified-kosher ingredients for whatever you need to make brownies or the edible of your choice.
For an answer, Weedmaps News turned to Rabbi Raphael Leban , managing director of the progressive outreach organization The Jewish Experience in Denver, Colorado.

In 2019, the second night of the Jewish holiday of Passover falls on 4/20. That makes it more fitting than ever to address a query that, if some cannabis fans had their way, would be an addition to the traditional four questions that are asked at every Seder, the ceremony and ritual feast that marks the beginning of the eight-day observance.
Is marijuana kosher?
Q: So far the news about marijuana being kosher is good! But is it kosher for Passover?
Q: One last question: can marijuana leaves be used on the Seder plate as a bitter herb?
A: I haven’t commented on whether marijuana use is healthy or not — we’ll leave that to the experts — but that’s another issue that could arise. There’s a commandment in the Torah that one must care for one’s health, both physical and spiritual. Today, we all want to eat things that nourish us, that are healthy for us and that conform with our goals for our physical well-being.

A: I don’t think there are really any additional issues that would arise for Passover. The Torah requires that during Passover we neither consume nor own anything that is chametz , a food product made from five forbidden grains: wheat, barley, rye, oats, or spelt. Marijuana isn’t a grain, so chametz prohibitions don’t apply.

Is Marijuana Kosher? This Rabbi Might Clear Your Conscience. Is marijuana kosher? As Passover and 4/20 coincide in 2019, observant Jews want to know. In 2019, the second