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is kush a sativa or indica

  • anti-depressant
  • anti-anxiety
  • treats chronic pain
  • increases serotonin (a neurotransmitter involved in the regulation of learning, anxiety, mood, appetite, and sleep)
  • increases creativity and focus

Aside from the different physical appearance and characteristics, the effects of sativas and indicas can still deviate according to their genetic profile, consumption method, dosage, and level of tolerance of the user. Also, hybrids are the strains that display both the genetic make-up of indica and sativa to create a personalized high. Breeders produce hybrid strains by cross-breeding pure indica and sativa strains.

  • Smell – Kush has a different scent and it ranges from sweet fruit, earthy, pungent, floral, pepper, pine, incense, citrus, herbs, gas, and hash spices.
  • Appearance – Kush has dark green colas and its leaves have traces of purple. Its hairs exhibit a bronze, orange, or rust hue. The buds are usually packed, chunky, and dense, which are attached to thick plants.
  • Effects – the effects of the Kush is associated with a sedating and heavy feeling. OG Kush hybrid gives a “happy high” vibe which can leave the user in a couch-locked situation. Aside from this, internal reflection or introspection is another popular effect of Kush which makes it one of the strongest medicinal marijuana.
  • Flavors – when you smoke or vape Kush, it gives that herbaceous and smooth feel, with a hint of grapes, flowers, citrus, diesel, and earth.

However, sativa strains are perfect for those who are looking for strong cannabis strains with excellent sedating effects. It contains a higher percentage of THC compared to CBD, which is why it is established as effective medicinal marijuana. Though sativas offer incredible recreational effects, it also flourishes in the medical field. Patients who are diagnosed with different types of medical conditions depend on Sativa Kush for its benefits that include:
Typically, marijuana strains have three categories: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. Indicas are usually described as stout and wide-leafed plants, with a laidback and relaxing effect. On the other hand, Sativa plants are recognized as tall and slender, with thin leaves, and uplifting and invigorating effect.
These are just some of the Kush strains that you can find in the market. Each comes with amazing characteristics and individualized effects.
Purple Kush is another renowned sativa-dominant strain. Based on its name, this one has purple leaves and earthy flavor. You can also taste a hit of grapes when you smoke Purple Kush. It is associated with feelings of sleepiness thus making it a great treatment for those who are having troubles with sleep. If you are planning to steal a cannabis session before dozing off, Purple Kush is your best option.
Consumers commonly associate exceptional marijuana strain to Kush. This is because of its exceptional effects and one of a kind genetic profile. We can’t blame them because Hindu Kush contains 20% natural THC and it has been hailed as one of the purest indica strains in the world. It is short and has deep green buds with orange pistils. It also possesses a rich floral scent. Numerous strains originate from the Hindu Kush and each of them has their aroma, appearance, effect, and flavor.

Kush is one of the prominent strains of cannabis indica. It is originally grown in Northern Pakistan, Afghanistan, and North-Western India. Its name was taken from the Hindu Kush mountain range.

Here are important information that you need to know about the 5 Types of Sativa Kush and its uses and effects.