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is 60 days enough to pass a drug test

Detecting THC in a urine test beyond two months of non-use is unprecedented. Even hard street drugs like cocaine are gone from the urine in about 5 days – 7 at the most – regardless of the frequency of use. However, the trend of increasing THC in products consumed by marijuana users such as sincemilla (highly potent marijuana also commonly spelled sinsemilla) and BHO (butane hash oil) is obliterating the old-school logic of the amount of time one needs to remain clean to pass a drug test.

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The Explanation: Most people don’t realize that if they use weed with a higher THC level, it will stay in their body for longer length of time than marijuana with a lower THC level.
The answer is that there is no definite answer. How long marijuana stays in your system comes down to potency and frequency of use.
I recently tested a guy who has just been released from prison. He had 60 days to stay drug-free, otherwise, he’d go back to jail. So, he came to me for drug testing. He hadn’t used in prison, or in the one week since he got out, yet he tested positive for marijuana and subsequently failed the drug test. Shocked, I asked him to tell me the honest truth. He told me that he was using butane hash oil at 60 to 80% THC prior to getting locked up, but he hadn’t touched it since.
The Answer: How long marijuana stays in your system is highly variable and depends on many factors, including the THC potency (the amount of THC) in the weed and how often you consume it.
Think about it using this analogy to alcohol: if you consume stronger drinks, you stay drunk for longer. One strong beer at 10% ABV (Alcohol By Volume) is equivalent to 3 light beers at 3.3% ABV. The rationale is similar when it comes to cannabis use. If you’re smoking high THC weed, say 15%, then it will stay in your system a lot longer than 5% THC weed. The frequency of use also matters; more consistent marijuana smokers will retain THC metabolites in their urine for a month or longer, whereas casual smokers will be able to rid their system of the drug much faster.

I can safely assume he was being truthful – in the many, many years of testing addicts and non-addicts alike, I’m quite confident in my ability to pick up on someone lying about their drug use. So, if he was, in fact, telling the truth, that means the THC stayed in his urine for well beyond the detection window of drug screenings. It was a learning lesson for us both on the long-lasting effects high potency THC.

How long marijuana lasts in your system depends on the potency of the THC in the weed you consume.

Is 60 days enough to pass a drug test

In case you’re working in an industry that is closely related to the federal government, you can expect random screens. Of course, drug testing is a part of their selection process. However, apart from them, other employers can ask for drug testing as well. The employer’s demand for a marijuana drug test is completely legal, though in practice it’s not as common as it is the case with government-regulated industries.

Drug tests do not test you for the presence of CBD. However, even hemp-derived CBD products can make you positive for THC! As the compound has the ability to build up in your body over time, you could fail your drug test, as it has already happened on a number of occasions . Moreover, CBD products aren’t regulated enough, to put it mildly, so it is perfectly possible for “pure” CBD oil to contain traces of THC.
It stays for 90 days!

    • quinolones
    • diphenhydramine
    • antidepressants
    • analgesics (including ibuprofen)
    • pseudoephedrine

Basically, every employer has the right to secure a work environment that is clear of drugs and alcohol (according to statistics, alcohol is a drug , too). Still, the company’s policies about drugs have to be clearly stated, especially since some companies make drug testing a part of the job interview, and even directly address cannabis consumption in their policy.
If the test you should take implies taking strands of your hair, you’ll have to be clean off cannabis for some 90 days or so for it to turn out negative.

  • The dosage – This is one of the essentials. If you are a frequent user of cannabis or its products, and you tend to consume high concentrations, such as hashish , you can expect your detoxification process will be a lot longer.
  • The type of consumption – Whether you’re smoking or ingesting marijuana also adds to the THC concentration. For instance, smoking marijuana makes it travel through your body quicker than if you were to eat some edibles.
  • Your metabolism – How long does marijuana stay in your system if you’re processing food slowly? Well, longer than it is the case with people who are in luck to burn their calories faster.
  • Your weight – THC binds to the fat in your body. To this end, the more fat you have, the longer it will take for THC to dissolve.
  • Dehydration – The less water you have in your body, the higher the THC concentration.
  • Your sex – Bad news for all the ladies. Women naturally have a higher percentage of fat than men, so they need a bit more time to process THC.
  • Exercise – Including exercise into your weed detox strategy could seriously backfire if you do it right before the test, according to research .
  • Second-hand smoking – In a very small number of cases, it is possible to come up positive on a drug test if you were exposed to second-hand marijuana smoking. However, that means that you have extremely high sensitivity to marijuana.
  • Prescription drugs – Some drugs can increase the level of THC in your body, thus making you test positive even though you did everything in your power and enough time has passed. How long does pot stay in your system when using certain medication? Long enough to test positive, so stay away from these if you can, along with alcohol :
    • Boceprevir
    • Clarithromycin
    • Cyclosporine
    • Erythromycin
    • Itraconazole
    • Ketoconazole
    • Verapamil
    • Voriconazole

THC calculators aren’t 100% reliable for all the reasons we have stated at the beginning of this article. Home drug tests are useful, but let’s face it—if they were that accurate, your company wouldn’t bother to hire a lab to test you for drugs.

In contrast, some other drugs may lower the THC level (e.g., rifampin). On the other hand, it can make you positive for some other opiates. You may be off the hook for THC, but don’t forget that you should always report what kind of medicines you are taking, if any, before the drug testing. These too could trigger a false positive :

How long does marijuana stay in your system if you smoked it a week ago? Or two months ago? We'll tell you which marijuana test is the hardest, and how to pass.