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invalid bitcoin address

As @opticbit says, it’s possible a space could have been inserted at the end (had a look myself) if a manual c&p were done.

Check for a space at start or end.
Only a week old.

Or try the “copy address” (to clipboard) button instead
Are you positive that was the address Electrum generated for you?
Ahhh. Electrum v3.0. Thanks for the heads up.
Copy paste. Double check first and last few characters (in case of previous address, or clipjack viri) If you manually type it, it’s case sensitive. Satoshi intentionally left out similar characters like I and l
That’s a bech32 address format – the new Segwit address format that is Segwit-ONLY. You must be using the new version of Electrum. As far as I’m aware LocalBitcoins doesn’t support this format just yet – you’ll need to create a new wallet (if you’re using Electrum create a non-Segwit address for now) so that you get addresses starting with a 1 (or a 3).

How did the “bc” get in the string in the first place?

When i try to send btc to my electrum wallet it says Invalid Bitcoin address to me. Address is correct i check 5 times

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