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infinite euphoria strain genetics

Infinite euphoria strain genetics

Iot this as a freebie in 2014 with a very large order, still, that was a nice present. I deal with chronic pain everyday of my life and this is the goto strain i reach for on my worst days.

Gosheven Lightfoot – October 21, 2016 :
Fast delivery to Edmonton, Alberta

50% Indica / 50% Sativa, Mostly Sativa Hybrid
35-50 Days, 51-60 Days
8-12 Hours, 12-18 Hours
Fast delivery to Kamloops. Thank you.
Acquired for $2500, 30 seeds. MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE PLANTS. I would buy again at 2500 but not for 19990, but I can see why they are priced outrageous. 30 seeds, 29 sprouted, 17 females, 5 phenotypes, 3 keepers.

EVERY DAY SMOKE, ALL DAY, NO TOLERANCE BUILDUP. Buzz starts off cerebral happy. Very happy. Then works into a mix between a sativa head and an indica head. Finally resting at the indica body, it’s a trip worth taking every day. Buzz length is 7-9 hours, still way beyond other strains. Taste is unreal, words can’t describe. This is the the real deal

Infinite Euphoria impresses all. Smokers have claimed that Infinite Euphoria Bud alleviates mood disorders, such as major depression, anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, eating disorders, chronic pain, and some hormone-mediated disorders such as dysmenorrhea.