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ilovegrowingmarijuana scam

Ilovegrowingmarijuana scam

My goal is to give growers honest reviews with real data.

Some seed banks have great quality seeds and super fast shipping, but then have awful customer service that leaves you wanting to smash up your bong collection.
You can also turn to the popular forum if you want to discuss a particular with fellow growers.

His operation then expanded in a major way to seed labs and plantations.
Thanks for the comment Harry!
Hey Beamer. Did you contact ILGM’s customer support? I had a quick glance at some forums and saw that Australian customs is very tough with these kinds of packages. However, ILGM should have offered you a refund or sent some more out free of charge. As I’m based in the states i’m not 100% sure what the best seed bank for Australia. However, It’s something I’ll look into and maybe write an article about. I’ll keep you posted!
I have to agree with the sentiments of these reviewers.
Once thing I LOVE about the ILGM website is that each strain usually has loads of reviews from growers

What more could you ask for from a seed bank?

Thinking about buying seeds from Read this honest and detailed ILGM Review first to find out if this seed bank is reliable.