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iced grapefruit strain

This variety provides a corporal, pleasant and quite intense effect. Although having Sativa touches, the high will still be lucid, positive and creative.

Can be grown on indoors and outdoors
THC: Not declared CBD: Not declared

Iced Grapefruit has a quite short flowering period, of 8 weeks to be precise. In the garden, this strain can be harvested 3 weeks after the end of summer.
Indoor flowering: 56 days Outdoor: 3 weeks after the end of summer
Iced Grapefruit is a feminized Marijuana strain that produce medicinal plants that are excellent for hashish or resin extraction.
Iced Grapefruit is a feminized Marijuana strain created by crossing Grapefruit with an Ice. This cross has resulted in a hybrid genetics with Sativa touches.

The yields of Iced Grapefruit are high producing long clusters of buds that will delight the view before the harvest thus being a prelude of the good moments that are approaching.

Sale of feminized Iced Grapefruit Marijuana, it harbors medicinal properties that can be used to treat depressions. Fruity flavor and high productions.