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Learn about i49 Genetics including who they are, their products, and where you can find them. I49 is a cannabis seed bank that sells marijuana seeds for sale online. Our weed seeds are perfect for your home garden and come in feminized and autoflower. 1-855-888-6452. Public Lab is an open community which collaboratively develops accessible, open source, Do-It-Yourself technologies for investigating local environmental health and justice issues.

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Weed Seeds

I49 is a cannabis seed bank that sells marijuana seeds for sale online. Our weed seeds are perfect for your home garden and come in feminized and autoflower. 1-855-888-6452.

Why People Use Cannabis?

It is general notion – cannabis users are often assumed as lazy, unmotivated stoners. However research into why people use cannabis paints a different picture. The study shows that most people use cannabis as a rational choice to enhance their quality of life The Best Cannabis Seeds in Canada 2022 .

If you are consuming cannabis, it is going to affect you in two ways. The affect of the consumption is also going to depend upon the person, the situation, the type, and the quality of cannabis along with the method of consumption. Since cannabis has a low risk for physical addiction, most of the people are not compelled to continue to use it. Instead, people use cannabis when they perceive its effects are beneficial. People all over the world have used cannabis for thousands of years – for medical, social and spiritual reasons. Sometimes these reasons are different, but they do overlap.

The social use of cannabis includes its use for socializing, recreation, and generally improving the quality of life. Most people who use cannabis today do so for these reasons.

Similarly, cannabis is used for medical use. People use cannabis as medicine also to improve their quality of life. Medical use is also linked to manage physical and mental problems and to preserving health. Cannabis has been in use as medicines for thousands of years.

Last, cannabis is also used for spiritual use as it is considered an important part of overall health. Spiritual use of cannabis is related to seeking a sense of meaning, enlightenment and connection.

Find the best cannabis seeds in Canada in 2022 and get going.


GYO seed bank is a privately-owned online cannabis retailer that commenced operations in the year 2015. GYO is an acronym for Grow Your Own seed bank.

GYO seed bank aspires to empower every cannabis user to grow cannabis for recreational or medicinal purposes.

GYO seed bank country coverage

GYO seed bank ships its seeds all over the world, however, it only ships to countries and continents where cannabis is cleared by law to be used and grown. GYO seed bank offers its customers two shipping options:

1)Free shipping

The benefit of free shipping is made available to customers who meet GYOs minimum or maximum order value which, in turn, depends on the factors like location and nature of products ordered.

2)Protected Shipping

In protected shipping, the GYO seed bank takes full responsibility for your order until it reaches your destination. This special insurance covers theft, loss or an event of non-delivery.

GYO Seed Bank Location

It is physically located in the UK and Spain, though GYO sends its shipment all around the world.

GYO Shipping Time

Delivery anywhere in the world – 7- 10 days

Delivery to European Countries – 3 – 7 days

Delivery to anywhere in the UK – 3 – 5 days

Though you cannot report your item as missing in transit until 30 days from the delivery of the order. The mailing partners have 30 days to deliver your order.

Why GYO?

GYO administrators ensure that cannabis growers from all spheres and cultures are given diverse genes of cannabis strains to choose from and have made genetic preservation of cannabis strains as their top priority.


The crop king seed bank originally started in the year 2000, but closed down in the year 2005 due to the uncertain future of Canadian cannabis laws. In the year 2013 crop king seeds opened their first physical store in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They now ship cannabis seeds all around the world through their physical stores, retail partners and online website.

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Crop King Seeds Reputation

The seed bank is well-renowned for delivering quality products in a professional manner and assuring the highest satisfaction for its customers. They have more than 100 physical stores selling their seeds across Canada and the seeds, in turn, are handpicked inspected and tested to ensure that they are mature and visible. They have customer-friendly policies such as if in case the seeds upon shipping do not reach their customers, they resend the seeds free of cost.

Product Quality

The crop king seed offers its customers a guaranteed germination rate of 80 percent, therefore, the risk involved with the seeds is greatly reduced. So, if in case the seeds sent by the company to their customers do not germinate, the company has a policy of sending another shipment free of cost to their customers for germination. This is an unprecedented level of service in the cannabis seed world.

Shipping And Payment Options

The company has physical retail stores in Canada while people from the rest of the world can buy their seeds from their online website. The cost of guaranteed shipping is $10 in Canada and $30 for shipping to the rest of the world. Crop Kind seeds Canada accepts payments in Bit coins, Visa, and MasterCard.


Some cannabis strains exhibit better resistance to mold, drought or diseases while others require fewer nutrients. Therefore, as a novice grower, it might be difficult to choose the best cannabis seed strains to start gardening. Hence, for your help, we have compiled a list of 5 best cannabis seeds that you can begin with.

Blue Dream

The blue dream is a great strain for novice growers and is easily available, has a higher yield and a potent varietal with approachable effects. To add to the same, it provides its users physical relaxation along with mellow and blissful high. It is also highly recommended for medicinal purposes and pain reliefs.

Green Crack

It is a long-standing strain for outdoors and is a superb choice for anyone seeking a strong sativa-dominant plant. It has a quick flowering time and higher yields along with an easy-medium difficulty level of growth.


The GG4 is a great choice for novice growers looking to cultivate a sedating, flavorful strain. GG4 is well-known for its bushy growth making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to explore the screen of green technique in a limited space. It does not have specific nutrient needs but offers its users a strong euphoria.

Dutch Treat

The Dutch treat strain primarily hails from Amsterdam but has made its mark throughout the world. It is a sweet-smelling hybrid that holds onto its cerebrally activating effects and lands on the Indicia side of the spectrum. It is best grown indoors and offers quality products upon germination.


Cinex is a sativa dominant strain offering high-energy euphoria that feeds creativity and productivity. It is best grown in smaller spaces using the SCROG technique.

Types of cannabis seeds

If you are set off to harvest your own marijuana plant then you must know about the cannabis seeds in Hamilton that are available. You’ll come across the terms like feminized seeds, regular seeds and auto-flowering seeds. The terms are explained below:

Feminized seeds

These seeds produce female plants and do not find the need of a male plant to fertilize them. These seeds are more stable and result in high yields in comparison to other seeds. These seeds can germinate more plants than other seeds in the same provided space.

Feminized seeds require more attention and one should make sure no male plants are grown near them. If male plants pollinate the female plants, they will also turn male and result into being only seeds producing plants. Male plants are not of much use as they only produce seeds but no buds.

Regular seeds

They are standard seeds that are an equal blend of both male and female plant and are produced in a natural way. People who have good experience in growing marijuana prefer regular seeds while inexperienced people enjoy the benefits of auto-flowering or feminized seeds.

Regular seeds need intensive care as at a certain stage male plants need to be removed from the vicinity of the female plants before they pollinate them.

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Auto-flowering seeds

These seeds are the easiest among the three and do not require much attention in terms of temperature and light. They auto-flower after a certain age but removal of male plants is required here also.

Choosing the correct seed

If you are on the journey to grow your own marijuana plant, then seed selection is a major part of it. If you want to reap the best then the age of the seeds would matter a lot. The age of the seed would determine the health and the yield of the plant you will grow.

Knowing the seed

If you want to know the age of the seed and whether it is young or old, then the color of the seed is a learning factor. The seeds that are young are light green or towards whitish a tint. These seeds take a lot of time to be harvested and also are not as healthy as ideal seeds. They are highly likely not to get germinated too. Hence you might call them a waste of time and your hard work.

Even very old seeds are of no use as they are of low quality and do not produce healthy plants. You can easily tell if the seeds are old by putting them between two fingers and applying a little pressure. If they bend or break due to the pressure, then you will know that they are old.

Ideal seeds are firmer and are dark in color and do not break on applying pressure. They are high quality seeds and result in healthy plants and higher yields.

Hence choosing the right seed determines the result of all your efforts and time that you put to harvest the plant. You can buy weed seeds on sale online or from physical stores too.

All about Durban poison seeds

Having its origins in the South Africa, the Durban poison seed was later brought to western countries. It was discovered in the 70’s by Ed Rosenthal. They were then selectively bred and improvised with time to be more stable. They gradually became popular throughout Europe, Canada, Australia and Netherlands as the genetics got refined to be flowered outdoors in a shorter period of time.

The Durban poison is a hybrid of pure African sativa and Dutch skunk. It is seventy-five per cent sativa hybrids and grows tall while giving a lot of space to buds to develop. These seeds have a very high yield and resemble a thicket of pine trees when seen from afar.

The leaves of the Durban poison plant have bladed leaves and the buds are long and tight that have a spicy pungent flavor. The flavor might also feel like earthy, citrus and sweet. These are famous for their high causing effects.

Effects of the Durban poison strain

The Durban poison is used for recreational purposes and creates a good high while having psychedelic effects. One gets into a euphoric state after ingesting this strain. It also uplifts the mood and makes one creative. Being energetic, focus and feeling happy are other positive effects of the Durban poison strain.

Durban poison seeds in Canada can be bought online as there are companies that sell them for great prices. Apart from Durban poison seeds a lot of other variety is also present to choose from.

How can you buy cannabis seeds in Yellowknife?

Marijuana may have been used for medical purposes for more than 3 millennials now but it is still considered a taboo in most of the world. It is only in the North America that marijuana is legal. However, even there it is not sold openly. People still give you a stink eye if they saw you with marijuana, buying it or smoking it. While it is true that people misuse this right and use marijuana for recreational and illegal activities, it is also true that its benefits outweigh the bad. That is why we need discrete ways in which we can buy marijuana or it seeds and grow them ourselves.

There is a way to get your hands on cannabis seeds and harvest them either inside your home or outside anywhere on your property. If you want to buy Cannabis Seeds in Yellowknife, all you have to do is go online and find a seed bank that ship weed seeds in Canada. You will find hundreds of seed banks that are legal and will deliver your choice of weed seeds on your doorstep.

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Before buying cannabis seeds in Yellowknife, you should research thoroughly and find a cannabis seed that fulfils all your requirements. If you know anything about marijuana, you know that there are so many things to consider. You have to see their THC and CBD levels and find out its benefits, side effects and harvest period. Only then you should put your order in.

Buy cannabis seeds from the best seeds bank in Canada

Seed banks have become the latest rage in America and Canada. As these are the only places in the world where marijuana is legal, these two have seen an influx of online seed banks selling hundreds of different kinds of cannabis seeds to these two countries.

For those who do not know what cannabis seeds are, keep reading. You know what marijuana is. Cannabis is just another word for it. If you buy marijuana seeds or cannabis seeds online, you can grow them in the comforts of your home. You have the option of growing them indoors or outdoors. You can find cannabis seeds in Saint-Hyacinthe online very easily. All of you to do is find why you need marijuana seeds. Write down your symptoms and start researching the best cannabis seeds in Saint-Hyacinthe that will give you relief from your symptoms. You also have the choice between high THC seeds and seeds with high CBD range.

Seeds with high THC will give you the high that is associated with weed whereas CBD high seeds will help you without making you high. You can choose between them according to your preference. If you have to calm and feel energetic, you should go for weed seeds with high THC levels. If you do not want the feeling of euphoria, you should prefer seeds with high CBD range and low THC level. Check out i49 seeds bank to get the best Cannabis Seeds Saint-Hyacinthe .

What are seed banks? Why are they important?

Everyone knows that marijuana has become one of the most debated term in this decade. Everyone has his or her own opinion. Some think that it should be illegal as people use it for recreational purposes and ruin their life. It is addictive and it should not be available to a general man or woman. There is a large portion, however, that believes everyone deserves to marijuana available easily so that they can also benefit from its hundreds of advantages. Researches prove that marijuana can replace a plethora of synthetic medicines and as it is an all-natural product, it will have less side effects that the man made medicines. This debate is still ongoing and will be for a long time to come.

However, a few places in the world have legalised marijuana for medical purposes. These places are mainly in North America. While they are not sold openly in the department stores, quite a few online websites sell weed seeds in the continent. These websites are seed banks that sell hundreds of weed seeds of different marijuana plants. Anyone who is older than 21 can go on these websites and order weed seeds of their choice and grown them indoors or outdoors themselves.

If you have heard crop king seeds, it is also a seed bank that ships only in Canada. For people living in America, crop king seeds do not ship there. However, you should check out i49 seeds bank. They have different websites for America and Canada and ship all over the country.

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