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hydroponic systems for cannabis

Hydroponic systems for cannabis

This is a relatively newer growing medium made of fibers from the husks of coconuts. Coco coir can vary from one manufacturer to another. Coco coir has good water to air ratio and is capable of holding water for quite a while between watering. It also has good pH sustainability and slower drainage and drying rate. The only problem is that coco coir is vulnerable to insect infestation.

  • The pump is a bit noisy
  • Drip Ring Technique
  • Grows flowers, salad greens, vegetables, or fresh herbs
  • Can grow up to seven plants at a time
  • Full-spectrum LED grow light maximize plant growth
  • The interactive LCD is easy to maneuver
  • Seven-pod seed kit for full season growth

For people who want to grow marijuana indoors, soil can be messy and too hands-on for indoor grow spaces. Hydroponic systems offer the potential for faster crop growth and more seamless growth cycles since they feed roots with a precise blend of essential nutrients with a balance of oxygen and water.
This technique does not easily support bigger plants due to the lack of substrate. Usually, the roots are held by a contraption with large plants.
The system comes installed with an LED grow light, which is tuned to a precise spectrum. The spectrum promotes photosynthesis, allowing the plants to grow naturally and rapidly.

The Waterfarm Hydroponics System utilizes a pump to carry nutrient-rich water from the reservoir upwards to a drip system. The drip watering system distributes the solution to the growing chamber.

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Hydroponic systems for cannabis

Another thing to consider is pruning. With hydroponics, your plants can grow extremely fast. This means you need to be diligent about pruning. Removing all the bottom foliage and topping your plant before switching to its flowering cycle will allow your top colas (the large, topmost buds) to receive all the energy they need.

First we will start with the supplies needed. Keep in mind this is just an example, and depending on your space and desired results, many things can be tweaked in a hydroponic system to make it most beneficial to you. This list specifically outlines equipment needed to install your hydroponic system and does not include lights, fans, filters, and other basic needs for any grow room.
A benefit this setup offers is that it can easily be expanded as you want to grow more plants as long as your reservoir has enough capacity to provide all the plants with enough water. To expand a drip line setup, all you need to do is add additional lines to the new pots.

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I n the previous post, we gave an overview of hydroponic gardening including its origins, the various systems and techniques, and medium options for a hydroponic grow. In this next article, we will focus how to use hydroponic systems specifically for growing cannabis.
Whether you have grown cannabis before or have no experience growing cannabis whatsoever, hydroponics can be a great way to produce cannabis in any size space. At first it can be confusing and slightly overwhelming, but by learning the basics you will come to understand it’s not as difficult as you imagined.
Cannabis growers have been using different hydroponic methods for many years as a way to maximize yields and speed up growth, the two main advantages of soilless growing. Working with soils indoors can be inefficient and difficult for a number of reasons:
Various materials all provide slightly different benefits and drawbacks, so some thought should be put into choosing the right medium for your cannabis plants. In this article, we are going to be utilizing the drip line hydroponics technique.

Another common measurement used is ppm (parts per million) which is another way of looking at how nutrient-dense your solution is. There are two different scales for ppm used in the cannabis industry: the 500 and the 700 scale. The most efficient way to determine ppm is to take an EC reading, multiply it by either 500 or 700 depending on the scale you are using. An EC reading of 2.0 would equal either 1,000 ppm (500 scale) or 1,400 ppm (700 scale). Many readers used to measure EC or ppm will do this conversion for you.

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