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hybrid buds

Hybrid buds
Plant feminized seedlings for explosive growth and big yields!
These plants are possibly some of the most stank and skunk smelling plants indoors.
Very colorful, major purp appeal!
4G is a cross between Gelato #45 x Gorilla Glue #4 x Girl Scout Cookies. The Cola’s have a tight bud structure that stack well giving growers the quality high yield they are looking for.
Chemdawg meets GSC to create a one-of-a-kind powerhouse yielder with funky garlic terps.
Perfect for sativa-lovers, Allen Wrench embodies the best traits from its Trainwreck and NYC Diesel lineage. With delicious flavors of sour-citrus fruits, its aromatic scent compliments its flavor profile.
Vigorous standout grows huge outside and carries an intense lemon flavor
A tremendous plant with large dripping colas.
This Kali Mist hybrid was crossed with GDP and Kauai Purple to bring out an eye popping fuchsia flower with exceptionally heavy yields!
Learn all about our extensive lineup of premium-quality genetics.
Hybrid buds
THC 16-17% | CBD 0-1% | Hybrid
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Puresinse – Hybrid Bud THC 16-17% | CBD 0-1% | Hybrid Puresinse Hybrid is derived from the strain Wappa. This indoor grown Hybrid has a medium THC Potency. The buds are smaller nuggets with a