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humboldt weed strains

Humboldt weed strains

Also know that indica-dominant hybrids will require much less maintenance and flower in a shorter time than sativa strains. Carefully read if a breeder has stated if the strain in question is better suited for Sea of Green or SCROG.

Those who have grown the Cookies will know she prefers to be grown outside. On the other hand, the OG Kush strain is a very light hungry plant. The way a plant feeds and whether it’s dependent on micro and macronutrients can also be down to the amount of light it prefers, under the rate of photosynthesis.
Whatever your scenario is, do your research and see what performs best in certain conditions. There are small-sized, indica varieties that are perfect for Sea Of Green and stealth growers. In the same sense, there are hybrids that if left untrained can grow substantial amounts of cannabis.

When breeders work hard behind the scenes, the initial traits purposely bred into the next generation of lineage could have a lot to do with environmental factors.
Courtesy of Humboldt Seeds
January 10, 2019
These strains have a short flowering time, medium size, and stalky structure. Each will be highly resistant to cold and wet weather, and perform better than the other strains designated for different climates.
Researching the traits of each strain before investing in seeds can save a lot of future trouble. Getting caught up in the hype of the latest strains and selecting something out of relevance rather than practicality is an easy mistake and one that can be costly in many ways.

You may have seen a plant that looked great indoors, but when left outside during the summer months, it did not take well to strong winds and began to lose its structure. This can be a problem for growers who live in mountainous regions, so having a strain with high wind resistance genetically built-in is smart.

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