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humboldt seeds review

She is slightly sensitive to high quantity of fertilizer(in my case i had a littel bit of leaf margins burn).

She is very very sticky and loaded with trichomes, I can’t wait to give her a try.
Dr. Greenthumb’s Dedoverde Haze Auto:

Harvest, Buds, Smoking:
I’ll keep you posted
After seven days of drying, sample smoke was a little harsh but got me high as a kite. A good cure will help tighten these buds and smooth out the finish
I love this strain because is the first time i smoke a great energetic strain
and moreover the final result is this nice dense buds full of tricomes :heart_eyes::yum:
The crop is amazing but not super heavy and the smell is fresh and aromatic.
The effect is wonderfull, a good energetic high that let you make a lot of thing without getting too confused.

The harvest is dense buds full of tricomes.
She looks beautifull, the plant is bushy and with many flower.

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