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humboldt cure

Humboldt cure

Case Open, Case Closed… The story you are about to read is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the intoxicated. It was Sunday, February 29th. It was unusually warm in Los Angeles. We were working the day-watch out of Bud Burglary Detail. My partner’s Ben Romeo. The boss is Thad Green…Chief of […]

This website brings you the ultimate in the hemp and cannabinoid world, from accessories to personal products. – Check out their elegant selection.

Ryan – Speakeasy 710

Taste Space… Most vapes these days strip out all the green goodness, fill it with and mix of purified THC & CBD, and then try & add taste back in later one terpene at a time, which seems both counterproductive and redundant at the same time. Why not take the whole plant with all of […]

Thank you so much we are truly honored to be featured. Your platform is really cool and classy, just our style! The creative writing style is awesome and refreshing.

The Sigurberry post is fantastic and clever and really fun. We just had a team meeting and were all deciphering it as a group and laughing all the way.

Thanks for the ode to pain MGMT your reviews always make use tingle.

A Whole Lotta Love… This precious heart shaped box from Lowell Herb Co., that they have put out especially for Valentine’s Day this year, contains three full gram prerolls and a whole lotta love! Perfect for your crafty Cannasieur companion. In the immortal words of Robert Plant & Led Zeppelin: ”Waaaay down inside Honey you […]

We here at The New Smoker have watched way too many episodes of Dateline to know that upping the insurance payout just before murder is a red flag.

Using time honored techniques passed down through family, The Humboldt Cure has mastered the art of murder… we mean “murdering” the competition with quality cannabis cultivation!!