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how to use nectar collector

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Portable – It’s easy to take with you and offers a mess-free dabbing experience on the go.
With your hash is sitting in the serving dish,В heat the tip of the Nectar Collector just like you would with a standard nail or banger. With the tip of the Nectar Collector red hot, give it about a minute to cool down before you take your dab. Most Nectar Collectors will come with a quartz tip, a titanium tip, or both. I prefer the quartz tip, but the titanium tip offers more durability since it is less susceptible to breaking if it drops out.

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When I introduce someone to the Nectar Collector, there’s usually a moment of confusion as they try to figure out how this long, glass device is used. Simply put, it’s a “percolating dab straw.” Like a standard dab rig, Nectar Collectors are designed to vaporize hash and concentrates. They are portable and use a dish to help avoid some of the mess of tooling your dab when on the go. And of course, what’s a dab without proper percolation? A Nectar Collector offers water-filtration typical of the common dab rig, but in a spill-proof design.
Long and unwieldy – The long shape can be a bit awkward and cumbersome, especially when passing around a Nectar Collector with a red-hot tip.
Self-contained – No tools needed; just heat, dab, and enjoy.
Lack of temperature control – While you can find e-nail adapters and heater coils that work with a Nectar Collector, the traditional heat and cool method doesn’t offer the same standardization as a typical quartz banger. It will take some trail and error to find the sweet spot and manage the temperature fluctuation.

To prepare your dab, you can load just about any amount of hash in the serving dish. When I take my Nectar Collector on camping trips, I’ll drop the whole gram in the dish and have dabs on deck for the entire weekend.

This week, the Avid Dabber shares an inventive approach to dabbing made possible by a “percolating dab straw," better known as the Nectar Collector.

How to use nectar collector

Some dabbers prefer to dab straight from the jar that comes with the cannabis concentrates when they purchased it. Most of the time it’s ok but be aware of the material that the jar is made from, you don’t want to dab straight from a plastic jar, the high temperature of the nectar collector tip could easily melt the plastic and generating some nasty fume that’s very harmful to your throat and lungs. If the jars are made from food-grade silicone, it’ll be ok to dab with them since they are very tolerant of heat.

For me personally, I prefer dabbing oil other than wax or rosin. A few drops of oil on the quartz dish creates a very thin layer of concentrates for me to move the quartz tip or titanium tip around the dish, sucking up everything that’s in it and won’t waste a drop of my delicious concentrate.
The most common way of heating the tip is using a butane torch, just like when you’re using the butane torch to heat the quartz banger on a dab rig, try to move the flame of the torch all around the quartz/titanium tip.

Just like when you’re using a dab rig for dabs, curled your palm a little bit, putting it a fist away from the tip/nail, if you can feel the heat radiating from the nail/tip, your nectar collector is ready for dabs!
Here’s a video of an first time user of a nectar collector kit:
Bury in mind that not all the nectar collector sets are designed to have filtration features, like the 14mm silicone nectar collector, for example, the body of the set features a straw-like tube that will not provide any filtration, it’s the best when you’re doing low-temperature dabs.
The heat of the tip will vaporize the concentrates immediately, as the vapor travels through the nectar collector, the water in it will cool down the temperature of the vapor providing the best dabbing experience!
For the 10mm mini nectar collector kit, it features a mini recycler filtration system which you can add a fair amount of water in it for doing high-temperature dabs, we recommend filling the tube up to 1/4 of the total length of the body. Since the design is unspillable you don’t need to worry about water getting into your mouth when you are using the set.

Pointing the flame directly on one single spot will heat the tip to a hazardous level, you could burn your cannabis concentrate very quickly, not to mention the high temperature could also create little cracks in your glass nectar collector, making it fragile and dangerous to use(might explode).

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