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how to store seeds long term

How to store seeds long term

Once a month, you are sent packets of seeds. These seeds are fresh and can be used in your garden now or saved for the long term.

So what do you need to do to win? All you need to do to enter is answer the following giveaway question:
Check frequently and when the seeds have sprouted, determine the germination rate. Hint: 8 seeds out of 10 is 80%.

I asked Mike a few questions:
During my own research, I learned that storing seeds is not unlike storing food. The enemies of seeds are similar: heat, light and humidity. Some sources also indicate that oxygen is a problem with seed storage.
1. Are the seeds you send out growing-zone specific? In other words, if someone lives in zone 8, they will be sent seeds will grow in that particular zone?
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Gardening is a valuable skill that every prepper worth his or her salt should learn. I know that I have had my own challenges in this area but I still try, even though I only do so on a modest basis.

Still, I make it a point to collect seed packets ( ) and store them for the long term, properly sealed in my freezer. You should never know when they may become handy for food-growing or barter purposes.

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