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how to sober up from a high

How to sober up from a high

Go for a walk, put on your favorite music or television show, have a conversation with a stoned companion, anything that will help distract you from the sudden bout with cannabis-induced anxiety. By shifting your attention from how high you are to an enjoyable activity, you’ll probably be able to shed that uncomfortable marijuana high in no time.

Though marijuana has medical and therapeutic uses, including reducing anxiety, smoking copious amounts of potent weed can send a consumer into a tailspin fraught with anxiety and paranoia. (Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps)
That’s right. The same kitchen ingredient used to spice up your food also can simmer down your high. Black peppercorn has demonstrated the ability to provide near-instant relief for those overcome by cannabis-induced paranoia or anxiety. Chew a few whole black peppercorns, grind peppercorn on food, or, very carefully, smell ground pepper.

Sometimes all you need to remove a bad high from your headspace is a meditative approach in a comfortable (and, if possible, familiar) setting. If you happen to feel like your heart is racing or feel an anxiety attack coming on, try to relax. Chances are the discomforting feeling will pass in no time. Close your eyes and take deep breaths , remind yourself that everything is going to be fine.
Here’s an easy one that you should remember no matter how stoned you are: Drink water . Staying hydrated can calm you down after consuming a bit too much herb. Not only will a glass of water help douse cottonmouth, but it also will allow your overly concerned mind to focus on the simple procedure of sipping and swallowing.
And just to make sure your marijuana high doesn’t go overboard in the future, make note of what and how much you consumed, and next time, practice moderation.
By shifting your attention from how high you are to an enjoyable activity, you’ll probably be able to shed that uncomfortable marijuana high in no time. (Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps)
The soothing, refreshing action of water on your body can calm a too-high high quickly. Think of it as a form of mental hydration, a hygienic way to wash away the ills of too much THC. Even splashing cold water onto your face should help restore your calm, decrease your heart rate, and ease your mind.

Decades of research have shown that CBD, a non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, can reduce THC-induced anxiety and paranoia. (Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps)

Too High? How to Sober up From Weed Even the most seasoned cannabis enthusiast has a story about that time they overdid it and scrambled to find out how to sober up from weed . Though marijuana

Cannabidiol, short for CBD, is a compound found in the cannabis plant that doesn’t cause a high upon consumption. CBD is known for its therapeutic properties, including counteracting the high of THC.

But when the body is cold-shocked, “when you throw cold water on the back of your neck, or take a cold shower, your senses awaken,” says Siddons.
The timing of the counteracting effect can depend on the method of consumption. “For some, CBD works as a handy, and powerful, antidote; for others, it doesn’t seem to work as effectively. The difference has to do with exposure to, and the body’s natural metabolism of, these compounds,” explains Dr. Caplan.

“CBD interacts with THC in complex ways, diminishing certain effects (the munchies, sleepiness or the high, for example) while augmenting others. CBD balances the buzz and softens the euphoria — or, in some cases, the dysphoria — induced by THC, which, in concentrated form, can make people feel very loopy and weird,” notes a 2016 news article by Leafly.
Beyond “diluting the cannabinoids and helping the body to rinse the body of excess discomfort, the act of drinking and filling one’s stomach can also help someone relax from an unpleasant experience,” he adds.
Black pepper contains caryophyllene, a compound that has anxiety-relieving properties, and can help with cannabis-induced paranoia.
Recounting the experience 18 months ago, she says, “it was one of my very first times with edibles, and I followed along with everybody else, not being mindful of the quantity.”
Drinking water before, during and after consuming cannabis can help flush the body of cannabinoids, including THC. “As with exercise, sleep and simply waiting for the body to degrade the THC naturally, drinking water is a convenient, and reasonably effective option,” says Dr. Caplan.

Just the thought of a cold shower on a chilly morning is likely enough to snap one out of a sleepy daze. When high on cannabis, the effects are quite similar.

Learning how to adjust one’s cannabis consumption can go a long way