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how to roll a joint with zig zag

Evenly sprinkle your herb across the natural crease of the paper. Make sure that the side of the paper with the glue on is facing you. If you are choosing to use a filter, this is the time to insert it at one end of the paper. The best advice is to hold onto the filter with your thumb while you are sprinkling the herb across the rest of the paper.

You may like to twist the end that has no filter to ensure that no weed will fall out. Hold your joint with the filter end and make sure your joint is evenly packed. You can do this by holding the end of the joint while tapping the filter end on your tray; this will pack down the joint. Now you can pinch the end together.
The Filter
This is not necessary, but an option that some people like; premade or custom cut.

  1. Rollers rights, who-ever rolls start the journey
  2. Puff, puff, and pass just as stated
  3. Joint passed to the left is a Rastafarian tradition that some circles still follow today
  4. Saliva is not to be left on the joint, keep it dry
  5. Respect the space you are partaking
  6. Enjoy!

Let’s get started:
Proceed with getting your tray ready. Place the grounded weed on your tray. Have your papers, and if necessary, the filter also ready.
So, you already know how to smoke a joint, and you have enjoyed the benefits that smoking weed has done for you. Problem is you need to learn how to roll a Zig Zag joint.
Fold the paper to cover the cannabis, carefully lift the paper, make sure your thumbs are on top of the paper and start the rotation with a down-ward motion and the forefingers are sliding up and down the paper from behind, and slowly forming a cigarette shape. This is the making of your joint.

The Rolling Paper
Zig Zag this is the original standard size rolling paper, developed in France. These 1/1/4 size papers hold about ¼ more product than the single width, which is also available for the consumer who enjoys smoking weed with a type of paper.

Zig Zag this is the original standard size rolling paper, developed in France. These 1/1/4 size papers hold about ¼ more product than the single width

How to roll a joint with zig zag

Hold your paper lengthwise with the sticky part facing you, like a tiny, fragile boat.

**Choose your papers wisely. **Everyone’s got favorites, but here are a few options that are good for beginners: ZigZag, Bambu, and Easywider (tear these last ones in half, lengthwise).
**With your pointer fingers and thumbs, pinch the top of your paper, rolling the product inside back and forth, gradually scooting the weed down. **You’re trying to shape the ground weed into a skinny tube shape.

**When you’re done with that, the hard part: **Tuck the side of the paper nearest to you into the opposite, curling the edge of the paper tightly around the product. Then, lick the gummy part of the paper and carefully roll the whole thing upward _into _the sticky gum—not the other way around.
**Grind your weed, for God’s sake. **Grinding your weed, as opposed to just picking it apart with your fingers, makes the product much easier to work with. It’s also the best way to ensure your hard-earned joint won’t end up lopsided. Pick out the stems before grinding. And, after you’re finished, empty out the grounds onto the table or a classy dish like this one.
Sprinkle the product evenly throughout.
**Roll yourself a carb (or just buy filters). **You can make a carb out of pretty much anything papery that has a bit of thickness to it. Business cards are good, the insides of cigarette packs: Just make sure the paper’s not lacquered or dyed in any way because you_ do not_ want to inhale that.
**Place your carb **carefully on the left-hand side if you’re a righty—right-hand side if you’re a lefty.

**Do it yourself. Always. **There are devices that will roll your js for you. Do not use one. It’s the equivalent of pouring a margarita out of a bag. Your j should be just that, your j. Over time you’ll develop a signature style that you can be proud of. It’s worth the effort, and it’s kind of fun.

Kids with their vape pens and fancy bongs these daysrolling a good, old-fashioned j is truly a lost art. Here's a nine-step guide to doing it old-school